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The dangers of premarital sex

2018-04-23 17:36:41

Before our generation, premarital sex was never allowed. Family members and friends are not acceptable to this kind of thing, think it is against moral things. But as times progress and premarital sex becomes more common, what do we make of it?


Premarital sex


In the past, two people who love each other will leave the most precious things on their wedding night, which is a responsible performance for both sides, but also to show their loyalty to their love. We can understand the idea that most of us now accept premarital sex.


Most girls think that premarital sex is to keep a man's heart. Because they feel that if they refuse the man's request, they are afraid of losing their beloved person, and they are afraid that they do not love him enough, in fact, this idea is very undesirable. If a man really loves himself, he won't threaten the girl he loves.


This information is taken from experience without authorization


After having premarital sex, girls may end up marrying men who are not suitable for them. Because girls have been blind, some girls may think that they have found true love, in fact, the strength of her and her boyfriend together is not love. In the end, the two people often have various conflicts, and finally lead to separation.


Premarital sexual behavior will also let women bear two kinds of results: 1, the first is that there may be a baby after sexual behavior, they have to bear all aspects of pressure, and finally their body and mind are greatly hurt. 2, the second is that after this may lead to their own no longer pregnant, causing serious trouble to their later life


Therefore, for female friends, premarital sex directly leads to marital disharmony. The man who can see the heart again wants his wife to have as little sexual experience as possible before marriage. There is also a female friend after marriage and their husband life is not coordinated, will think of the experience with the ex, this is the hidden harm of marriage. Thus unknowingly the two sides will appear emotional crisis and even lead to separation. So female friends love themselves, don't let yourself leave regrets.