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The culture method of the starry sky

2018-04-11 17:36:42

Many people like the star, it is not only beautiful flower patterns, but also often used in fresh cut flowers, is a common flower arrangement material, art, flower basket, bouquet foil, ornamental value is high. The following to introduce the cultivation method of the star

First, the selection of soil stars

Potting soil is the key, but it is not very high requirements for cultivation soil, as long as it is not too sticky soil, generally with a good drainage function of slightly alkaline limestone soil or coarse sandy soil can be. END


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Two, the germination of stars

The seeds will germinate in about 15 days, as long as the soil is kept in a certain humidity. When the budding leaves have grown into two real leaves, they can be placed in a sunny place to conserve. END

Third, water to control

Mantianxing is more drought resistant, afraid of water, in the growth period, the water requirement is relatively large, to observe the soil condition at any time, keep the soil moist. Until the flower grows out, it is necessary to ensure that the supply of water and fertilizer is sufficient, and after the petals grow out, the water should be slightly reduced to prevent the water extraction of the flower quality. END

Fourth, fertilize regularly

Full star fertilization is mainly thin fertilizer, the first fertilization in the seedling 2 weeks after planting, when the new heart leaf grows to 2-3 cm, and then apply a light liquid fertilizer based on nitrogen fertilizer, after every 10 days or so. At the same time, you can also apply some quick fertilizer such as calcium nitrate, potassium nitrate, grass and wood ash, and stop fertilizing before flowering. END

Fifth, the temperature can not be too high

The most suitable temperature for the growth of stars is 15-25 degrees Celsius, and when the temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius, it is easy to cause flower deformity. The night temperature is 10-15 degrees Celsius, if the long-term below 10 degrees Celsius, coupled with short autumn and winter, it is easy to cause plant dormancy or clustering. END

Six, winter light to keep warm

The star flower is a plant that likes the sun, if we are breeding in winter, I need to supplement the sun to the star, we must not only keep the star during the day the necessary light, in the night by way of lighting to fill the star, only in this way can bloom in advance. In addition, in the case of low temperatures in winter, we should pay attention to warm the stars. Otherwise, at low temperatures, the stars will go dormant and not bloom. END

7. Cool down in summer

Although the star likes the sun, too strong sunlight and too high temperature are not suitable for the growth of the star, so in the summer when the sun is too strong and the temperature is too high, we should put the star plant in a place where the sun is not so strong and the temperature is suitable, and always pay attention to watering him to maintain sufficient moisture. END