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The conversion method of speech to text

2018-03-20 09:36:02

Speech-to-text is used by many people, such as: business people, school students, outbound people, etc., speech-to-text is also used in different occasions such as: meetings, interviews, lectures, classes, etc., then how to convert it?



Recording file


Connect to the Internet and search for Speech-to-text in the app marketplace. Find the following tool and run it.


First familiarize yourself with the overall operation and layout, there are two choices in the speech recognition page: recording recognition and file recognition, with recording recognition as the column.


After clicking the recording recognition button, a recording page will appear. Click the recording button at the bottom of the page and record the required voice. After the recording is completed, click the recording button again, and the voice will be automatically converted to text.


At this time, if you choose copy, you can paste the text to another place. If you need to translate, you can translate Chinese into English by clicking Translate directly.


If you need to save the recording file, you can directly click Save at the lower right corner of the page, edit the file name and click OK.


The saved files are stored in the file library of the software, and the converted files can be found according to the file name.