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The chest and abdominal muscles exercise method of the chest and abdominal muscles exercise

2018-03-19 20:48:00

Traditional exercise equipment, abs wheel for abs, push up braces for chest muscles. The chest and abdominal exercises combine the two straight. The same fitness equipment, that is, may exercise the abdominal muscles, but also exercise the chest muscles.


The Lancet pectoral-abdominal exerciser


Yoga mat


Abdominal exercise, beginners can use kneeling, abdominal muscles and waist muscles strong to change to standing position. The Lancet chest and abdominal muscles exercise machine adopts four-wheel structure, and both hands need to be controlled by force. More difficult, beginners do a few each time on the line, the number should be slowly increased to prevent the strength is too large, pull the waist muscle


Push-ups do not use instruments, palms and forearms at a 90 degree Angle, long-term, this is a damage to the wrist joint. Place the four wheel retainer rings under the wheels. The pectorals will be a pair of bench supports. The Angle can be easily changed, and when stressed, the fixed circle will prevent the wheel from rolling and sliding. First move, hands shoulder-width apart push-ups. Hands shoulder-width apart. This exercise focuses on the middle of the pectoral muscles.


The second move, the foot cushion position. Hands width is the same as the upper motion. This exercise focuses on the base of your pectoral muscles.


The third action, hands wide spacing push up, hands width for the upper arm and forearm into 90 degrees when the width of the hands. This exercise focuses on the base of your pectoral muscles


The fourth movement, the narrow push up, in order to increase the exercise of the middle chest muscle, the Lancet chest and abdominal muscle exerciser on the chest, the initial position of the two forearms close to the chest.


The fifth movement, the bird movement of the chest and abdominal muscle exerciser. This action can simulate the dumbbell bird action. Can strengthen the chest muscle seam and back muscles. Start by standing your arms upright and slowly spreading the outer sides. Can roll on the yoga mat, resistance is high, easy to control. Don't open it too wide. Enough is enough.

Matters needing attention

The beginner starts with 5 movements and slowly increases the number.


To prevent falls, exercise with a yoga mat for those with torn abdominal muscles