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The 17 most troubling questions brides have

2018-03-21 16:00:43

Some of my guests are vegetarians, some are on a diet, some are religious and certain foods are inedible, some are allergic to seafood, some come from regions with strong flavors, and some hate foreign food... What the hell am I supposed to do? A: It's impossible to meet the specific needs of each guest anyway. You can only guarantee one or two vegetarian dishes that will satisfy vegetarians and dieters alike. Or choose a buffet style, allowing guests to choose what they want to eat. In fact, friends who have special taboos on food, they themselves are also wise, and generally do not expect special hospitality for them at the wedding. So, do what you can! How can you "quietly" spend less money and ask: I don't want to cut the part I like, but the budget is really not enough, what to do? A: There are many ways to save money and face. Of course, the quickest way is to invite fewer people... Instantly reduce the cost of meals, invitations, and even the decorations you put on your table. In addition, choosing the wedding season and non-weekends and holidays to hold the wedding, can also help you save a lot of money. Any other ideas? Yes, I do! First of all, look at the floral part that accounts for the bulk of the cost of the scene layout, try to choose seasonal flowers, we can see such as hand-held flowers, corsage can choose a better imported flower material, other places such as the stage background flowers choose domestic flowers, anyway, the lighting is almost the same from a distance. If you're really on a tight budget, you might even consider cancelling the table flowers, as they are often removed at the start of the reception. If you don't want to give up the pre-wedding cocktail party, but don't want to spend too much money, you can replace expensive champagne and wine with colorful soft drinks such as Fanta or Bacardi. Prepare two cakes for the wedding, one is a small decoration beautiful double fondant cake, one is an affordable single layer cream cake. Cut the beautiful one in front of the guests, then sneak the other one on the side of the double layer cake and serve it to the guests. One last tip: wedding decorations can be reused at the wedding reception. Should I return the favor? Q: Do I have to invite my friends to my wedding who have invited me to my wedding? This is your wedding, so don't invite anyone because you feel bad about it. If you need to explain, tell them that the wedding is really small, and the two families combined, there are many people they want to invite themselves can not invite. The whole conversation will be awkward, but since these friends have invited you to their weddings, they should know a little about you and like you. So, don't feel guilty! What do you do with an engagement party? Q: Who is the host of the engagement party? Is there a rule? Or can we find one of our own? Is one enough? A: Well, anyone can be the host of an engagement party. Although traditionally, it's the parents who officiate. But more and more couples are throwing their own engagement parties now, so don't worry. If you two want to have one alone with your friends, you can have another one with your parents. What about the bill? Q: Both of our parents are willing to pay for our wedding, so how do we share the money? Answer: This is really a happy trouble! As it stands, there are no special rules, and we suggest that if both parents are reluctant, let them pick the part that interests them the most: the bride's mother will pay for the dress, and the groom's father will pay for the wedding planning. You can make a list of the major expenses of the wedding, then sit down together and tick off the items you are willing to cover. Q: My parents really want us to have a traditional wedding, but we really don't want to! What to do? ! A: It's your wedding, and you're the main characters - but don't forget, it's a big day for parents, too. So their opinion is also important, not to mention their money! We can sit down and discuss a mutually acceptable compromise: for example, choose a wine with a garden, hold a Western-style wedding ceremony on the outdoor lawn, and then go back to the banquet hall to hold a grand wedding reception. If the two sides are too far apart, you can also consider holding two separate events: the parents' decision to invite relatives and friends to have a good meal, and then you and the closest friends together to hold a 100% satisfactory wedding party - you can even go to Bali, the Maldives, these islands to hold a small wedding ceremony, which is also popular now! Wedding horror question: I once went to a friend's wedding, and a drunk, raving relative came up with a microphone and kept asking for toasts and congratulatory messages. I don't want to be like this! What should I do? A: On the wedding day, the wedding planner and the host should have planned who will be invited to speak on stage, and the order must be set first. In addition, you can tell the person holding the microphone (usually the MC) not to give it to anyone unless you have permission. Confused groomsmen and bridesmaids asked: Who will pay for the bridesmaid dresses? Answer: Please think of them! The groomsmen and bridesmaids may only wear their clothes for a few hours, so don't let them break the bank for your wedding... If you don't have big requirements for the bridesmaid's outfit, let her come in her own pretty dress. But if your wedding is a beautiful theme wedding, then still customize/rent a beautiful little dress for your girlfriends, they will be very happy. Worried about the extra cost of this part? First, you can choose the right price, because the bridesmaid dress is not as demanding as the bride's wedding dress; Second, you can also bargain with the owner of the wedding dress, let them use the bridesmaid dress as a bonus, free rent to you. We know a lot of brides who do this, and they succeed! How about your boss and colleagues? Q: I really don't want to invite my boss, nor do I want to invite my colleagues, because getting married is very personal. But I don't want to upset them. Any suggestions? A: There is no one you have to hire, only the people who are important to you. To avoid them getting the wrong idea or hurting someone's feelings, tell everyone that your wedding will be a small family and friends gathering while everyone is present. The implication is that colleagues will not be invited. An advantage of not inviting work colleagues is that no one feels left out, and it's okay if the boss isn't invited. Of course, this means that you can't make too much of your wedding preparations, keep it low-key! You can have dinner with everyone after the wedding, hand out wedding candies and chocolates, and it will be over. Some guests come without a red envelope! Q: Do I need to return a gift to a guest who came to the wedding without a gift? Answer: Whether or not he or she sent a red envelope/gift, you should give a gift in return. Completely ingritty guests are actually very rare, more new people complain is "they came to a family but only wrapped a smallest red envelope"! But now that it's happened, there's nothing you can do about it. Sending a return gift does not cost more than a few dollars, but it makes you seem backward and backward, and it also eliminates the danger of being complained about "even having no return gift". You know, guests who do not give gifts or are stingy in gifts are also more likely to be JP. Why do you have a problem with JP? Question: Someone did not reply to the invitation, then I should call? Or is it a default that he's not coming? A: Please don't make any judgements, just call and ask if they will come. Chances are they texted or replied and you didn't see it. What if we can't find anyone? It is safe to assume that these people will come and make sure there is enough food and seats. It's better than having guests standing around wondering where to sit. Can anyone come to my wedding now... Q: I invited my best friend to come with her boyfriend, but they broke up... My best friend wants to bring a new boyfriend that I don't like, can I say no? A: Are her and her boyfriend's names written in black and white on your invitation? Since she's your best friend, you should tell her no in a gentle way. Explain to your girlfriends that it's hard to host guests you don't know well, and that the wedding is meant to be just family and close friends. If all of your single friends are on your list, you can tell your best friend that she's not the only one who came alone. This person really gives me a headache: I have a very annoying relative in my family, should I invite her here too? A: Your wedding is also a family event, so if you are unsure about whether to invite that relative, talk to your parents and elders first and ask them what they think. If she's going to annoy everyone, then don't invite her. But if her presence doesn't cause you too much trouble, not inviting her will only invite more gossip. Well, even if you invite her, she's not gonna show up, is she? Q: I've heard that 10 to 15 percent of the guests at weddings don't show up. Should I just weed out people who might not show up? Or is it still arranged according to the number of them all? A: The latter, of course. In such matters, it is always too much to be cautious. If a lot more people show up than you expected, you'll be embarrassed. The best thing to do is to filter your invitations carefully, reduce the number of people invited directly, and keep your budget within your limits. After confirming the response to each invitation, give a confirmation to each guest who is not sure. Q: It's true that we are on a tight budget, but is it really a good idea to not let our friends bring their partners? A: It depends on the individual. If the friend has been in love with the partner for a long time, it is to talk about marriage, it is still to invite a pair. Those who have just fallen in love or are in a relationship, just explain to them and let them come on their own. If someone thinks this is unreasonable, just say that you can't afford to hire so many people, and most people will understand. Be careful how you seat yourself, though, and never put a single friend at a table full of couples. Q: My photographer says she wants me to feed her and her assistant. Do I have to feed the entire wedding crew? Do so many people need it for a wedding? A: If you can, they work four or five hours and get a free meal, that's a very good thing for them. We recommend that you check with the major wedding vendors before the wedding to see if food is required. In addition, we would suggest that the dishes served at the wedding reception should be more than necessary, because you never know what could happen. If you feel too many people, the cost is too high, you can also prepare some simple fast food, provide to the wedding day staff. Do not want the children to stir up the question: I am so worried about the wedding ceremony in the middle of the children cry up, that will ruin my whole wedding mood. But not allowing children to participate, will not offend those who are already parents of the family and friends? A: First of all, it is absolutely legal not to invite children! What's more, if your wedding is at night, everyone will be very high, and it is not necessarily suitable for children who need to go to bed early. And for young parents with children, it's a hard-won opportunity to go out without them. But even so, simply writing "Please don't bring children" on the invitation seems a little insensitive. You can start by telling your parents, relatives, groomsmen, bridesmaids, and some close friends to help you spread the word. Second, write in the name of the please paste at that time, do not write "XXX family", just write "Mr. And Mrs. X", which means only these two. If you write "Mr. X's whole family," it means the whole family will come. In general, guests will notice this. But if they reply that their children are coming, call them and tell them that only adults are invited because some sessions are not suitable for children... Sometimes it's not true, but it's a pretty good move. If a guest expresses surprise or finds it hurtful, you should understand, but don't compromise. Remember these words: When one child comes, thousands will come.