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Teach you tips to protect your eyesight (from radiation)

2018-05-12 22:24:37

With the popularity of the Internet, a variety of digital products are all around us, which is convenient for our lives at the same time, but also bring a great burden to our eyes, so it is particularly important to protect the eyes, below Xiaobian teach you to protect eyesight (radiation) tips!


Protect eyesight


Radiation protection


Eyesight protection diet tips: take more foods containing vitamin A, such as soy products, fish, milk, walnuts, green vegetables, Chinese cabbage, water spinach, tomatoes, etc., as well as foods rich in vitamin C, fresh fruit, etc., walnuts and peanuts rich in vitamin E. B1, which is found in vegetables, can also prevent the symptoms of vision loss. In addition, tea is rich in tea polyphenols can prevent the damage of computer radiation.


In addition, we also recommend two kinds of dietary supplements that are very helpful to the eyes: Wolfberry pig liver soup: use pig liver 62, slice it after washing, and use rice wine for pickling. Wash and peel two radishes, cut them into pieces, add fresh eggs, and simmer these ingredients for about 10 minutes, then turn to a simmer for two hours, and finally add egg.


Yangyan Mingmu soup: Put raspberry 3 money, ligustrine 3 money, Wolfberry 3 money, longan meat 3 money, lean pork 3 two, dates 2 pieces in a pot, use 12 bowls of water high heat for 10 minutes, and then simmer for 2 hours.


The cornea part of our eyes is very easy to dry, only rely on the tear gland to supply water, can keep the eyes moist. If we want to protect our eyes, we can do some exercises to protect our eyesight.


Blink method:


Under normal circumstances, blinking at five times per minute will cause dry eyes, but for people who face computers for a long time, it must reach a faster frequency. Computers are often used to reduce the amount of lubrication in the eyes and to secrete enzymes. When using the computer, you should deliberately blink more, not only can protect the eyes, but also promote the secretion of tears, relieve dry eyes and other symptoms, but also clean the eyes, relieve the effect of eye fatigue, so more than an hour should let the eyes rest. Then look as far away as you can with your eyes.


Massage: Massage the muscles and acupuncture points around the eyes, not only increase the blood circulation of the eye socket, improve neuronutrition, the most important thing is to eliminate the congested pressure of the eye. The muscles in the eye can remove the cloud that accumulates in the eyeball and achieve rapid results


The effect of relieving visual fatigue.


Blink method: Prepare a place that is not disturbed by people, do a good job of relaxing preparation, first take a deep breath, and then control the eye to turn left and right 20 times, rest for 1 minute and then rotate up and down, rest for 1 minute, and then move in the opposite direction. After rest, control the tension and relaxation of the eye muscles, and cycle the whole set of movements about 20 times.

Matters needing attention

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