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Teach you how to avoid whitening three misunderstandings, effective whitening

2018-03-15 16:00:10

As the temperature gradually warms up, the streets in early summer have begun to flash beautiful scenery, or two fragrant shoulders condensate dew, or a pair of jade legs looming. However, for the beauty of whitening difficulties, it is not only so simple to let the skin light a color, avoid the three pitfalls of whitening, in order not to do useless work, then how to do so that your investment is not wasted? Let's listen to Xiaobian tell you more about it


Mistake 1: Do not care about whitening ingredients abuse of whitening products Many girls blindly pursue quick whitening, choose exfoliating whitening methods and folk whitening methods, but ignore important skin care ingredients. I have an aunt, this year 37 years old, the skin condition is not very good, easy to tan skin, dull, very old. So she used a "whitening cream" under the introduction of a friend, and the skin will become white after several smears, but in fact, the cuticle is washed off again and again to reveal new skin tissue. Others choose whitening needles... Although it seems to have the effect of removing spots and whitening for a short time, once it is stopped, it not only returns to the original color, but often worsens. Pampering Mandelic acid brightening Essence, a drop of Pampering Mandelic acid brightening essence, extract 20% high concentration of mandelic acid, currently the only lipophilic fruit acid. High affinity with the skin, mild and non-irritating, easy to penetrate the stratum corneum, hitting the bottom of the muscle; World-renowned drug patent, cocktail compound formula, remove melanin precipitate, brightening skin from the inside out.


Misunderstanding 2: Only temporary whitening in spring and summer, in fact, whitening products are not once and for all, and if you want to truly achieve whitening, you must have uninterrupted all-round care. Spring and summer is only the focus of the period, if you naive only in the spring and summer to whiten, Xiao Bian can only say that you are too young too simple~ love the name of bright white purification light key series big S Hsu Xiyuan has in his book strongly recommended the upgrade, her mouth can change from toilet paper to fluorescent lamp, white new height of the secret weapon. It is also the most classic symbol of the brand of the name of the pet, and the bright white purification series loved by global actresses is a breakthrough in the new clean white upgrade revolution in 2016! For uneven and dull skin tone, makeup, serum, lotion, frozen film to biological fiber mask, 5 steps to create a smooth and brightening skin tone, is to let girls uninstall beauty APP, with PS dream products!


Mistake three: Only whitening does not protect the excited bought whitening products, just a little effect but the stimulation of summer ultraviolet rays immediately back to the original form, ultraviolet rays are the culprit of most of the skin melanin generation, to achieve whitening side protection and repair is the king. The Name of the Pet Brightening White Purifying Full Protective Nude Makeup Cream How warm the sun, how dangerous. At the turn of spring and summer, greatly enhanced ultraviolet rays make the skin very unadaptable, in order to reduce the damage, the necessary protection, the skin still needs a long time of all-round protection, in order to survive. The Name of the Pet Whitening Purification Full Protection Nude Makeup Cream contains hydrolyzed pansy moisturizing ingredients, Marine red algae essence protective ingredients, multiple herbal essence anti-sensitivity ingredients, can instantly adjust the color, create pure naked muscle; Clear and moisturize, maintain tender skin; Full day protection, open full protective cover mode.


The rose nude cream is mainly aimed at natural skin tone, which can create a peach feeling; Lavender nude makeup cream is suitable for sallow, dark yellow skin, can immediately correct skin tone, make skin white, translucent, flawless; Apricot color is suitable for yellow and black, the skin color is not even, can make the skin natural clear, makeup dazzling bright white!