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Teach you about cactus: [3] Cactus varieties 3

2018-03-27 03:12:28

Cactus variety, different shapes, graceful, beautiful, but also medicinal value, used to inhibit diabetes and obesity quite effective, Chinese medicine that the medicine can also dissipate heat and reduce swelling pain. In front of you to share a dozen varieties of cactus, next we continue to understand the colorful cactus.


Immortal column is also called "saving tree", because of its large water storage, can store 1 ton of water at a time, these two are the largest immortal column, very.


The color of twelve black and spring thunder twelve black is darker, count whether it has twelve leaves, in fact, it is not (heh heh). On the left is spring thunder, the name is very loud, it has a number of small nodules, like the thunder of spring, a more gentle sound.


The yellow pineapple is not much like a pineapple in shape, and has multiple round balls on its handle, like a handful of fruit.


The chemical differs from the green finger in that it is curved and irregular


Chicken chicken plum bright red color, shape is also similar, tourism value is relatively high, open pattern spread growth, personal feel very beautiful, especially easy to identify, the scientific name is called chicken chicken plum


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