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TCLs720 thousand yuan gift package use method

2018-02-22 12:48:00

Buy TCL Momoda 1000 yuan gift package, gift package contains seven cards, vouchers worth 5 to 1000 yuan, discount 800 lottery card, Boya fight land 50 yuan gift package, I call MT300 yuan gift package, cloud reading 10 yuan gift package, March members, fishing master 55 yuan gift package Brave front 50 yuan gift package. I bought it on TCL's official website, and the online price is much cheaper than offline.


Gift pack card, Internet


Vouchers worth 5 to 1000 yuan, how to use, login to the client, click on the voucher at the bottom of the page. Discount 800 lucky draw card, the top picture automatically switches to the last page discount 800, need to place an order to buy and receive goods.


Four game card use method, you can go to the post bar to sell, I call mt 25 people receive at present, the brave front 20(not much), fishing master, fighting landlord temporarily no. My name is mt and the most valuable is 115 million gold coins 2. 500 runes 3. Pumpkin x 104. Universal Fragment × 105.1 Blue Maiden × 16.1 Blue Blood Elf × 17.1 Blue Mechanical Lord ×18. 5 sets of excellent books


Cloud reading and membership card exchange according to the operation prompts.


TCL now has a new product, that is, 4G. But I don't think there's any more gift packages.

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