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Talk about whether brush PV value can improve the ranking

2018-04-02 22:24:11

Search engines are now paying more and more attention to user experience, not only Google, but also more attention to this aspect.


Search engines are now paying more and more attention to user experience, not only Google, but also more attention to this aspect. The search engine's judgment of the user experience is basically to see IP and PV, which makes a lot of webmaster mind, IP and PV these two data is still very easy to fake, but also can use some software to brush data, you can brush IP, you can brush PV. So many webmasters want to fake these two data. But will it work? A long time ago we found that the brush IP is not good to do, casually found by search engines, accidentally will be downgraded, so only PV can operate, then the pv of the brush website can really improve the ranking? Net strange network promotion believes that the following issues deserve our attention.


First of all, if the IP and PV of the website are high, it can indeed improve the ranking, just like our most frequently searched SEO, the first is encyclopedia, the second is chinaz's SEO query tool, the third is SEOWHY, SEOWHY is the forum that does SEO must see, traffic and PV are very high, so the previous ranking has been in the top 2. There was even a period of time to overstep the encyclopedia, and that time of overstep was precisely due to the revision of SEOWHY and the greatly improved click rate, which jumped to overstep the encyclopedia during that period of time. Encyclopedia click rate and PV is certainly very high, no words, webmaster tools are also the most commonly used tools to do SEO, review SEO data, website data, IP and PV is also quite high, and this period of time SEOWHY in the new revision, IP and PV have declined, so the ranking is encyclopedia and webmaster tools to account for. Therefore, IP and PV can greatly affect the ranking.


Again, I talk about whether the brush PV can improve the ranking, I also have an example, the state is roughly as follows:


A colleague's station is a game's replacement platform station, of course, this station is only done to play, it does not make much sense. We all know that the general game replacement is in the official website forum replacement, rarely run to other to see and replace, so together with his website is not very smooth, IP is a digit, very headache, I have also been on his website to see, to tell the truth, really not good, because he usually does not care about this website, so few plates, templates are very frustrating, typesetting is general, There are only a few articles, which belong to the kind of website that does not want to come to the second time after reading it.


In this way, probably after 2 or 3 months or so, he suddenly very happy to tell us that his website ranking has gone up, we all thought he wanted to pit dad again, on the website, how can you? But after reading, his ranking did come up, and there are two first, a second, other keywords ranking also rose a lot, we are very shocked, asked him how to do, he is very ugly said: I used XXX software brush traffic, brush about 500 IP and PV every day, the ranking came up, ox X.


But this is not the end, after the ranking went up, he did not brush, and the result was that the website fell in two days. After the downgrade, he did not brush again, but steadily updated the external chain and content, and soon the ranking rose back, but because the website has no substantive things, so IP and PV are still very bad. This is the end.


This thing obviously tells us that greatly improving IP and PV can improve the ranking, and it is also possible to use software brush, but to keep the brush and not be found, so as to be stable. There is also the ranking up, the content of your website should keep up, the user experience should keep up, or even if there is no use.


Of course, this is just an example, there may be other search engine bottom line he did not touch, so this matter, more experience to do the station later is also very good.