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Take a look at the shopping Mecca of New York and teach you to be a shopping master

2018-03-21 12:48:27

EDIT 20 Places to Shop in New York This Upper East Side boutique sells trendy brands like Calvin Klein and Derek Lam at affordable prices, making it popular with local shoppers. The OTTE THIRD AVENUE collection features seasonal labels such as Alexander Wang and Rag & Bone, while consumers can also purchase the "signature collections" of these brands' designers, whose products are always updated to keep up with fashion trends. FIVESTORY here is known as the best value for money shopping, every penny spent here is worth thousands of dollars! I heard that the main recently introduced several new brands such as Anndra Neen, Edie Parker to enrich the product line; BARNEYS NEW YORK not only gathers all kinds of luxury brands, but also many creative works of new generation fashion designers. Whether you are a lady or a girl, this place is a "shopping paradise"; BERGDORF GOODMAN Most people can find the fashion masterpieces of their favorite designers here, Edie Parker and Wes Gordon are the best examples; FREE & THE BRAVE, a new shop near the Paramount Hotel, features fine jewelry and trendy women's clothing. Opened in 2001, CASTOR & POLLUX offers a wide range of clothing and jewellery Apiece Apiece Apart and Lizzie Fortunato, as well as menswear, jewellery, accessories and household items. STONE FOX BRIDE In this "SOHO" themed shop, you can find a variety of styles of products: vintage, traditional, novel, funny, there is always one for you! CONDOR This is good news for all the girls! There are all kinds of fashion brands that girls love here, and the master is also very keen on all kinds of mixing and matching, isn't it very interesting? DAGNY + BARSTOW, once known as "one of the 38 ultimate shopping destinations you have to visit this summer", has the latest collections of clothing from many brands, fashion-forward and stylish! STORE ONE ONE 4, located on Stanton Street, features Lindsey Thornburg clothing and jewelry, so how comfortable is it to pick up jewelry while shopping for new clothes? In fact, MARYAM NASSIR ZADEH should already be famous, here there are big names like Carven, Isabel Marant and Lindsey Thornburg (Lindsey Thornburg) and other emerging designers; CREATURES OF COMFORT do not look inconspicuous name, it can be said is "sparrow is small, five organs complete", all tide brand here everything, various styles, myriad styles; After KIRNA ZABETE moved to the new location, all the clothes of the shop have also been comprehensively upgraded, and the neon "pointing sign" inside is also "fashionable" and quite modern; At STEVEN ALAN ANNEX you'll find pieces Apiece from trendy brands like Apiece Apart and Mociun, as well as a selection of designer labels; JUMELLE We have to admit that the owner is always at the forefront of fashion, her products are rich and diverse, it is not difficult to find in her boutique Lindsey Thornburg (Lindsey Thornburg and other popular brands; MOCIUN is a boutique carefully created by the designer of the same name, all the clothes here are just cut by the designer and "fresh", here is undoubtedly the first choice for fashion enthusiasts shopping; BEAUTIFUL DREAMERS owners Marina (Marina) and April (April) are extremely concerned about everything inside, ina very short period of time, from the opening to now become a "regular" on the shopping list, greatly sought after by the fashionable people; BIRD choose BIRD is undoubtedly a wise move, here can be described as the trend brand "piling up", diverse styles, changing styles, discounts, still hesitate what? A. CHENG is known for selling high-quality fabrics and casual clothing. The inner clothing is all original products of the designer, full of characteristics, which can be described as "low-key and luxurious".