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Table tennis ball handling skills in the ball picking

2018-05-02 04:48:00

Table tennis is a highly skilled item in ball sports. With the development of the sport, a variety of new skills continue to emerge in the meantime, in order to compete for the initiative, the table ball skills are increasingly paid attention to. Picking is a very aggressive short ball disposal method in the table, the use of this skill can take advantage of the competition, here will introduce the common sense about picking.                                                                                       -- Jiang Wu


Table tennis


Table tennis table


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The characteristics of picking the ball: Picking the ball refers to the speed and accuracy of the ball in the table through the forearm power to the opposing table, usually used when receiving the serve. Picking the ball has the characteristics of small movements, sudden shots and so on. Picking the ball application: not all the ball is suitable to use picking the ball to counter, picking the ball is mainly used to spin the table short ball or the table does not turn the short ball, to the ball faster topspin ball should not be selected to pick the ball to return the ball.


How to pick the ball: 1. Upper arms close to the body, body weight slightly forward, wrists relaxed. 2. Look at the ball, in the high point of the ball, determine the rotation of the ball to select the hitting point, if it is the top spin ball, it depends on the wrist rapid vibration to hit the middle of the ball, if it is the back of the ball, in order to avoid strong backspin, you can pick the middle and back side of the ball, and finally select the forward force or the front upper side force according to the picking line, in the power process to the forearm force.         3. After hitting the ball, pay attention to the racket slightly forward, pay attention to the use of the wrist in the process of hitting the ball, be sure to wrap the ball in the process of hitting the ball, otherwise the return ball is simply off the net or out of bounds.

Matters needing attention

Points for attention when picking the ball: 1. The proportion of friction and hitting should be noted when picking the ball inside the table. More friction will affect the speed of the ball and then reduce the surprise of the ball picking, but it will also increase the accuracy of the ball return, and it can gradually increase the impact component according to the level when practicing the ball picking. 2. In the competition, when picking the backspin ball, the first thing is to pick the slant line, the first thing is to pick the hitting point for the middle and back side of the ball, so as to avoid strong backspin, and then improve the hit rate of the return ball. 3. Lead action should not be too large, mainly forearm power, hitting point should be in the right front of the body. As much as picking the ball has the advantage of surprise, but because of the explosive power of the wrist, the feel of the strike and the rotation of the ball, there is a high demand, so table tennis friends should practice more when using this skill.