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Super cool electric extension version of Elfa, the logo is proud, more than Audi circle

2018-03-31 01:36:09

Dong Mingzhu can be said to be the eldest sister of China's manufacturing industry, she had previously suggested that Gree get involved in the field of electric vehicles, but was rejected by most of Gree's shareholders. In a fit of anger, Miss Dong invested in Guangtong Yinlong new energy vehicles, and also pulled Wang Sicong's father together. Recently, Miss Dong made a real electric vehicle exposure, this is an MPV model, it is reported that after the market will be named Guangtong Effie. And this car is officially based on the Effie platform, and Effie is borrowed from the famous Toyota Elfa.


The most shocking thing is that this exposure is an extended version of the model, from the long side, this is the extended version of the old Toyota Elfa. The side is very slender, and the extended part is located at the rear of the side tiger door in the middle. From the side, three yellow body position warning lights can be seen in the front, middle and rear sections of the body, which is similar to the practice of bus buses. This may be because its length exceeds 6 meters after lengthening, and it may be converted into a passenger car with position warning lights installed on the side. And you can see that the front door and the back door of the new car have spray letters.


In addition to the side lengthening, the tail of this electric new car built by Miss Dong is exactly the same as Effie. The rear taillight styling is different from that of the old Toyota Elfa, while in the lower right corner you can see large words for the Canton Car.


From the current exposure of the real car, and the appearance of the extended version before the new energy exhibition is exactly the same, the car is more overbearing than the original Toyota Elfa after being extended.


The ordinary version of the car has also appeared many times before, the ordinary version of the side can be completely confused with the old Toyota Elfa, the classic large B-pillar shape is the iconic design of Elfa.


In the interior part, the center console of the electric Guangtong Effie built by Miss Dong is exactly the same as the Effie, of course, it is basically the same as the old Toyota Elfa, the only difference is that the steering wheel does not use the original Elfa design.


It is reported that the Guangtong Effie is shared with the Effie platform technology, so the name Effie is also used, but in the power system, the Guangtong Effie is completely different from the Effie, Guangtong Effie is a pure electric power model, and its battery uses lithium titanate battery technology.


In terms of configuration, it is reported that this extended version of Guangtong Effie is equipped with 8 independent seats, in addition to panoramic double sunroof, front and rear display screen, 10 speakers, 4 body cameras and so on. Let's take a look at this Miss Dong's car logo, five circles, directly more than the Audi circle.