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Summer travel guide

2018-03-21 14:24:44

One of the places where literary and artistic youth must go. Go by yourself, go with your girlfriends, go with them, you got to go anyway. "Red tiles, green trees, blue sea and blue sky" is Mr. Kang's evaluation, these eight words are also the best interpretation of the image of the city. Summer is coming, walking on the beach, blowing the sea breeze, drinking beer, eating seafood, this is life. How do you play? Take a look at this summer 5-day tour guide. 0 The latest and most practical travel guide



Day 1

 Trestle → small → May Fourth Square → First Bathing beach Trestle bridge is a landmark building, from the trestle bridge you can choose to walk to the small, you can bring your own food, picnic on the small, or go back to the city to solve lunch. In the afternoon, take the new sign of 228 (single line), 802 tourist special line, 202 road Circle line, etc. - May fourth Square, Olympic Sail, and then walk about an hour along the beach to the First Sea bath, enjoy the soft beach, blue water and various Marine projects.

Day 2

 Polar Ocean World →→ Shi Old Man Scenic spot in the morning can have a little lie-in, and then take the bus No. 11, No. 102, No. 317 to the Polar Ocean World, first to see various animals, then to the shopping area wandering, and finally to see the small theater performance. Just head north on Haijiang Road to warm up for the next day. Then take 317, 386 road loop to Shi Old man beach.

Day 3

 → Taitung Commercial Street Get there early by special tour bus. The scenic area contains a lot of small attractions, in the scenic area can take a free, veritable roller coaster, there are waiting points between the scenic spots, in the car to enjoy a variety of scenery at the same time, but also feel the thrill of the real roller coaster. After getting off the bus, you can hike to visit some attractions and follow the signs. The whole route is completed in accordance with the route of the tour bus, entering by the big customer service, and going out by the overhead customer service. From the bus back to the city, you can go to Taitung at night, Taitung is a good place to eat, drink, entertainment, shopping in one, Taitung's night market is very famous, may wish to go to visit, Tao some surprise home

Day 4

 →→ Road in the morning from the railway station long-distance bus station to take the city sightseeing second line to the beach, here in addition to watching the sea, there are rich water amusement projects, and then the evening by car back to the city to eat dinner, shopping.

Day 5

 Signal Mountain Park → Navy Museum → Firewood Courtyard → Trestle Bridge, Huilan Pavilion Take bus 217, 220, 221 to Signal Mountain Park for a panoramic view. Then take bus 231 to the Naval Museum. The Naval Museum is the only military museum in China that fully reflects the development of the Chinese navy. After the tour, you can take bus 6 road, 231 Ring line, 228 road (single line) to the wood courtyard, here is the food street, barbecue, seafood, hot pot let you eat until full, after dinner, you can walk to the trestle, back to the LAN Ge to see the sea.

Overview of local cuisine

As the largest city, seafood is of course the first choice for gluttony. Summer as the best season to eat seafood, absolutely let you eat meat will never want to eat. In addition, there are a variety of special flavor snacks. The pasta is overwhelming, and the dumplings are boiling. Northern cuisine is heavy in taste and requires good digestion. Go, be sure to try all of the dishes listed below:


Ten "representative dishes" minced sea cucumber, raw shell abalone, fried conch, braised prawns with cabbage, braised chicken with mushrooms, braised bean curd with yellow croaker, hot and sour fish balls, fried oyster yellow, crispy chicken, home-cooked sliced fish. Ten local special snacks small Honglou beef soup dumplings, steamed dumplings, shrimp siu mai, Tianfu Yuan Xiao, the Great Wall seafood dumplings, Guxiang village pork ribs noodles, big bags, pot paste, seafood wonton, pork ribs casserole rice.

Matters needing attention

The same place names are often far apart. The main road is very long, as long as it is stopped on this main road, if there is no better buildings or attractions, the name of the road as the stop name. So the same station may be the southernmost, northernmost, easternmost or westernmost of the main road.


Many places in the district are one-way, often feel that you can go directly to the place but have to detour; Be sure to bring a relatively new map, especially before taking a taxi, be sure to identify the direction, otherwise you will spend a lot of money.


The taxi is divided into standard and luxury models, mainly Santana and Jetta. The urban area is not large, some famous scenic spots are close to the railway station, such as from the railway station to the trestle bridge, chopping wood yuan, signal Mountain Park and other taxi is basically the starting price price; To 8, Taitung business district ordinary taxi about 12 yuan; To the Olympic sailing base ordinary type day about 24 yuan, night about 27 yuan; The Stone old man scenic spot in the district is relatively far from the urban area, and the ordinary type is about 40 yuan during the day and 46 yuan at night.