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Summary of key knowledge during semi-permanent training

2018-03-15 04:48:00

Semi-permanent eyebrows are also part of the semi-permanent makeup training, but also the more important part, first to understand the knowledge of semi-permanent eyebrows and semi-permanent makeup technology characteristics.


First, the eyebrow shape design of semi-permanent eyebrows


Second, the characteristics of semi-permanent makeup technology


1. Eyebrow shape design of semi-permanent eyebrows. Facial aesthetics (relationship between face shape and eyebrow shape) : Golden ratio measurement.


2, semi-permanent eyebrow techniques natural physiological form of eyebrows, design line placement (shape - brow - brow waist - brow tail - brow waist encryption - overall encryption) design on paper; Leather design; Mold design (stitch practice).


3, semi-permanent eyebrow operation lasting eyebrow powder eyebrow techniques; Eyebrow sowing technique; The combination of silk and fog (ending the era of eyebrows that previously only operated lines). Use and operation of semi-permanent eyebrow setting instrument.


4, eyebrow appearance setting art standard operation process: (communication - cleaning and disinfection - design shape - soothe the skin - select tools - take color milk - operation technology - fixed line setting - repair and maintenance - precautions - the effect after operation - not suitable for people)


5. Semi-permanent eyebrows can be operated according to the eyebrow situation of different customers, which is most suitable for the eyebrow effect of customers. A. Design concept; b, technical decomposition; c, tool selection and use; D. Method analysis; e, color judgment; f, skin damage control; g, customer file; h, color analysis; i, analyze halo.


Semi-permanent makeup is to design different makeup schemes according to the shape and temperament of the individual's face, and then use fine techniques to inject pigment into the skin surface. This semi-permanent makeup can last from a year to five years. Semi-permanent makeup mainly includes eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, hairline, etc.


Semi-permanent makeup for eyebrows and eyeliner has long been known, and semi-permanent makeup for lips and hairline has also enjoyed high popularity. About the semi-permanent makeup, the beginning is that people are too troublesome to make up, in order to save time. But now some people often come because they want to be younger, want to look beautiful, and some people want to give people a sense of kindness and trust through semi-permanent makeup.


Natural semi-permanent makeup has attracted more and more attention from beauty lovers in recent years. This stems from the reason that design and color matching have been leading the fashion. The trick to making a fake look like the real thing.


In order to obtain natural satisfaction of semi-permanent makeup, it is important to the design and skills of the practitioner, as well as the safety of the injection of pigments. For example, the position and shape of the eyebrows should be designed according to the face shape and supplement the shortcomings of the five features to determine whether it is beautiful. At the same time, the surgeon should choose the color of the eyebrows according to the customer's hair color, pupil color and skin tone, so that it appears three-dimensional.