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Sumi Full house custom teach you how to create a boutique kitchen design

2018-04-10 16:00:38

The kitchen is to create a delicious space, and the grade of kitchen decoration has almost replaced the living room and bedroom as the new evaluation standard for residential decoration. Kitchen decoration is not only directly related to the owner's taste of life, but also affects the actual use, and occupies an important position in family decoration. Good cabinets fully reflect the owner's unique taste of life, but also reflects a life attitude, how to customize a satisfactory kitchen for yourself? Here, Xiaobian introduces how to create a boutique kitchen.


Kitchen design, cabinet design includes two aspects: on the one hand from the coal, water, electricity, ceiling, wall tiles, electrical aspects; On the other hand, it is considered from the dynamic streamline and function. Before buying cabinets, gas, water and electricity should be changed in advance to pave the way for a reasonable dynamic streamline layout of the kitchen in the next step. The height of the kitchen ceiling is closely related to the height of the cabinet, so the whole house customization here recommends that you install the ceiling and wall tiles, floor tiles, only after the completion of the ceiling and wall tiles, the surrounding frame of the kitchen has been formed, leaving enough space for the cabinet installation, and the construction is convenient and easy. However, there must be a complete drawing plan before the decoration, some cabinet installation needs to open a gap at the ceiling, and the range hood is scheduled to be used, so when the ceiling is installed first, it is necessary to let the ceiling construction personnel watch the design drawings of the United States plan, so that the opening is set aside in advance to facilitate the subsequent cabinet installation.


The whole kitchen should be reflected in the perfect combination of cabinets and household appliances, fully consider the reasonable use of kitchen space, and cleverly unify cabinets and kitchen appliances. Therefore, to "hide" home appliances, we must make a number of preparations in advance, and consider whether the placement of electrical appliances is reasonable and ergonomic. Here to tell you, in the customization of the cabinet, in advance to measure the size of the appliances that need to be placed, the size and model tell the measuring personnel, in general, the appliances that need to be customized include: oven, dishwasher, microwave oven, oven, refrigerator and other appliances. The custom cabinet of the whole house can reasonably store the refrigerator, and after the installation of the cabinet door, the kitchen integration is quite high, and has unique advantages in aesthetics and integrity.


The dynamic flow lines and functions of the kitchen are also very important. According to the functional division of the kitchen, the kitchen is generally divided into five areas: preparation area, cleaning area, cooking area, storage area, storage area. When planning the kitchen, how should these five areas be planned and distributed? The whole house customization here to tell you that these areas need to form a production line, into the kitchen door, from left to right is: storage area, cleaning area, preparation area, cooking area, and storage area for placing kitchenware area, can overlap with the four areas, easy access.


The appearance of the cabinet is also a part of the cabinet design, in addition to the overall style and home decoration style to be consistent, the space layout of the cabinet can be selected according to the area and actual size of the kitchen. There are many common cabinet forms, L shape, U shape, one font, island type, etc., different cabinets have their advantages and disadvantages and applicable space. L-shape: Ideal for small Spaces. Both sides of the cabinet are attached to the wall, making good use of the kitchen wall. U-shaped: Suitable for kitchen with large space. U-shaped cabinets are convenient for people to access every item and can make reasonable use of space. One-line: Suitable for small and medium-sized families or narrow kitchens. The one-line cabinet puts all the work in the same line and feels very compact. Island type: Suitable for villa or kitchen space is very abundant family. The island cabinet has more operation and storage space, which is convenient for multiple people to work at the same time.


The above is for everyone to share how to create a boutique kitchen, I hope to be able to help you.