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Suitable for outdoor outward bound programs!

2018-02-26 19:12:00

Ruzhou a hospital for three days of development training, under the organization of Pyneel development training, in the heavy Dugou began, a short three days to give them inspiration and experience is a permanent spiritual wealth, no matter what work, as long as the heart can get useful life perception. Let me tell you a few items that I have the deepest feeling about this outdoor outward training:


Trust back fall: Method: hands tied to the chest of other students on both sides of the floor protection, students take turns to fall down. Goal: Understanding that mutual trust is the foundation of mutual cooperation. Develop the habit of empathy in work and life; Individuals overcome fear and achieve self-transcendence.


High-altitude broken bridge: method: 8 meters high, broken bridge is forward or back, stage a small step in life a big step. Goal: to break through self-limitation and cultivate self-control ability; Challenge oneself, know oneself again; Feeling not for fear and retreat, to be in hardship; One small step in the air, one giant leap in life.


Graduation Wall: Method: All team members climb over a wall about 4.2 meters high without the aid of any equipment. Purpose: comprehensive test for the team; Understanding the truth of being willing to be a ladder in life and work; Check the training effect.


Climbing: Method: Participants climb to an 8-meter high wall with their bare hands under the protection of professional altitude equipment. Goal: To build confidence to overcome difficulties; Improve problem solving and understanding through physical contact; Share the joy of success together, experience the power of the team; The hardships and challenges of the growth road.