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Subject 1 Lighting rules for exam skills

2018-04-02 03:12:17

Teach you to remember the lighting rules

Subject 1 Lighting rules for exam skills

Left turn signal: when turning left, changing lanes left, starting, leaving the parking place, turning around.


Right turn signal: When turning to the right, changing lanes to the right, or pulling over.


At night, the road lights are well illuminated and the low light is on.


Turn on the high beam when there is no street lighting at night.


Turn on fog light and alarm flash in fog mode.


Vehicles change position to turn on the turn signal, the only one that does not turn on the turn signal is to enter the roundabout (turntable). Do not turn on the turn lights when entering the roundabout and turn on the right turn signal when exiting the roundabout.


Change the light when overtaking at night.


When temporary parking at night, the corner light and rear taillight are displayed.


No signs, no lights, no alarm intersection: according to the order of let the right - let the left - let the straight judge. END

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