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Straker Challenge Gauntlet who fits out | Challenge Gauntlet detail analysis

2018-05-08 12:48:04

Straker's challenge hand protector recently came out of a equipment, was not going to analyze, after all, it is just a equipment, but in the group with a lot of small partners to discuss this equipment, today say Straker's challenge hand protector who is suitable for | challenge hand protector details to share.

Straker Challenge Gauntlet who fits out | Challenge Gauntlet details share

The composition of Straker's challenge gauntlet requires less synthesis, a large belt and a long sword, and such attributes can basically be inferred to be a suitable AD equipment.


Equipment Characteristics Analysis +500 Health +25% Base Attack Only passive: After taking 400-1800 damage (depending on level), gain Strucker's Wrath. Stella's Fury: The hero increases in size and gains 25% base attack and a shield equal to 30% of maximum health. Simply put, there is an AD bonus and health bonus, if it is a pure tank, a shield in the late group battle is very good.


Economic analysis synthesis 1190+ belt 1000+ long sword 360=2550. Is a regular large piece, basically can be used as a second or third large piece to come out. After all, passivity is basically triggered by the group war period.


The heroes who are suitable for who are basically suitable for who are blind monks, tree people, Mondo and so on. Remember a principle, the hero of the tank can be out, after all, it is a tank, and passive is also very good, especially AD tanks, basically recommended.


After such a batch of new tanks are installed, it is obvious that the improvement of some unpopular tank heroes is relatively large, and if you want to go up in the near future, you can play some tank heroes and new equipment.


Straker's challenge guard is basically likely to be weakened in the future, after all, the more powerful this equipment becomes in the later stages, especially for a pure tank hero, and several new tank equipment together can make the tank hero's attack power much greater.