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Spring dress matching

2018-04-04 01:36:11

Winter has gone, and it's time to wear skirts in spring, so how to match spring clothes? The following is a few suitable for spring wear, I hope to help you with the same focus on matching.

Spring dress matching

Collocation 1: White sweater + pink knit slip dress White sweater should be our daily wear in a necessary single item, the foundation of everything, with a pink knit slip dress, sweet and lovely and beautiful.


Matching two: White striped T-shirt + bright yellow long skirt Striped series of clothes is also very good with clothes, this white and gray striped T-shirt, with a bright yellow long skirt, is the feeling of spring.


Match 3: Light blue sweater + Green long pleated skirt Light blue sweater is also very suitable for spring wear, with a green long skirt, natural and fashionable.


White sweater is a very versatile dress, simple and versatile, with a very popular nowadays thousand bird bag hip skirt, both warm and show the figure.


Match five: wine red floral shirt + cowboy strap long dress this match is very artistic, wine red floral shirt belongs to the low-key bright color, with a long cowboy strap skirt, is also very suitable for spring wear.


Match 6: Blue loose denim shirt + Black gauze skirt Black gauze skirt is a fashionable and ladylike dress, with a blue loose denim shirt, comfortable and stylish, perfect for spring.

Matters needing attention

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