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South Korea travel precautions guide

2018-03-22 06:24:46

What should I pay attention to when traveling to South Korea? What do you need to prepare? It is estimated that most friends who travel to Korea for the first time will be worried about the problem.

Basic understanding of Korea

Climate: South Korea is a temperate climate with four distinct seasons. The average temperature in spring (March to May) is about 10 to 20 degrees. Summer (June to August), with temperatures averaging 25 to 30 degrees, is also the rainy season of the year; The average temperature in autumn (September to November) is around 10-20 degrees. In winter (December to February), the temperature averages below five degrees, and the wine and restaurant are heated


Time difference: South Korea is located in the ninth district, one hour ahead of the eighth District. The time is 7:00, Korean time is 8:00.


Currency: There are four types of banknotes, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 and 50,000 won, and four types of coins, 10, 50, 100 and 500


Prices: Generally speaking, the prices in South Korea are relatively high, especially for agricultural and sideline products. However, the price of electronic products and cosmetics is still reasonable, and some of them are cheaper than those in China. A 500ml bottle of mineral water is about 4.5 yuan. Taxi fares in Seoul start at around 13 yuan, and a McDonald's Big MAC meal costs 32 yuan.

Practical Tips Note

Electrical appliances: South Korea's voltage is 220 v, like us 2 hole circular outlet hole. It is recommended to confirm whether the electrical appliances used meet international voltage standards before going abroad to prevent electrical safety accidents. If there is no problem with the voltage, you can use the adapter plug when you need to charge. If you are not prepared in advance, you can also borrow from the wine desk, but some wine will be charged rent.


Network: In South Korea, wifi coverage is high, fast Internet speed is recognized worldwide. It is very easy to use wifi in public places in Korea. Generally, wifi can be found in schools, organs, and public places, and the quality is good. In the subway station and KTX train also provide wifi network, but if in the house, wifi is basically private password, not easy to use want to use wifi and relatives and friends always maintain, want to brush friends must not forget to rent wireless signal transmitter at the airport. In addition, SK, KT and other Korean counters at the airport provide mobile Internet rental service. If you are traveling with a group, you are advised to rent an EGG (4G mobile network) to ensure that five machines (including laptops, smartphones, and MP3 players) can access the Internet at the same time. Rent is 8,000 KRW/day with unlimited Internet access. However, the disadvantage of the EGG is that it needs to be charged by USB, which can be used for 5-8 hours after charging.


: Service in Incheon International Airport can apply to rent, South Korea's four major SK, KT, LG, Sroaming in Incheon Airport have a service desk. The general rental of South Korea is 3,000/ day, and the smart machine is 6,000/ day. If you book through the official website 3 days before departure, you can enjoy a 50% discount on the daily rental. Passport and credit card (deposit) are required for rental, and rent and phone charges can be paid upon return. Another way is to suggest that you open international roaming service, so as to save the most money (per minute charge within 1 yuan), the smart phone needs to open 3G function can be used.


Dialing method: Most of the numbers in Korea start with "010", a total of 11 digits; As in China, each different administrative unit has a different area code. Seoul is 02, Busan is 051, Daegu is 054, and so on. It is usually composed of 10 digits. Take CDMA international roaming as an example: dialed mobile: 0086+ dialed fixed: 0086+ area code (remove the first "0") + fixed-line calls to South Korea, : 010-1234-5678 (example) Dialed international outside South Korea and China: international access code + country code + area code, user


Change money: To the airport, although there is a place to change money inside the airport, it is not cost-effective ~ We temporarily change the car and dinner money on the day. About 500 yuan, wait until Seoul, the guide will take you to exchange the higher exchange rate, or take you directly with the UnionPay card at the ATM, withdraw the won, the exchange rate is close to the Myeongdong exchange rate, about 15 yuan per transaction. The most cost-effective way to spend money in South Korea is to bring cash in exchange for won, followed by UnionPay cards. However, it is recommended that you also bring your visa card, especially the platinum visa card, which can enjoy a lot of discounts during the duty-free discount period. ~TIP: Due to the recent increase in the number of tourists using UnionPay cards in Korea, there are many Korean banks cooperating with UnionPay cards. By the end of 2011, more than 90 percent of South Korean ATMs accepted UnionPay cards. Cash can be withdrawn directly through ATM cards in Korea, as long as the ATM with the "UnionPay" logo is clearly displayed, it must be able to withdraw cash. Currently, Woori Bank, Hana Bank, Korea Exchange Bank, and IBK Bank can withdraw cash using UnionPay cards. Rules vary from bank to bank, but Woori Bank currently offers the highest amount of cash. The maximum amount is 1 million won per transaction, the maximum amount is 1 million won per day, and the processing fee is 15 yuan per transaction. Exchange rate The rate of exchange used.