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Soul Sacrifice Delta How to Get Up to Speed (Offering)

2018-04-05 00:00:36

Today Xiaobian on their own experience to share how to quickly start this large-scale self-abuse co-fighting game soul sacrifice Delta.




Soul sacrifice Delta


Offering selection: One of the features of this game is the offering system, each offering can be knocked down from the boos, which is not only the boss's falling material, but also the player's skill system, different boss's different body parts of the offering have different skill effects. The player's character can usually pack up to six supplies to pick up copies, and each supply will display a number of skills that can be used depending on its color level. Players need to choose according to the coordination of skills, the novice's early requirements are not large, because the difficulty of the boss is very low, and the hand residual party can be taken by the NPC. It is generally recommended that novices use the sanctuary (St. Huali) gun to play, the distance is far, the output is general, and the accumulatory move can break the boss skill. How many times is the current offering: Phnom Penh offering > Black side offering > Silver side offering > Copper side offering; Supply power: Black side supply > Gold edge supply > Silver side supply > Copper side supply. Recommended offerings and genre combinations: Green's Milk Axe (disarm artifact), Extreme Demon Feather (strongest output), Sanctuary Gun (Undead wash, cut and blow).


Supply test: The parts that destroy the boss drop supplies, which can be tested. Click the "Supply" option above to enter the supply interface, and then press the Select key to enter the supply test interface. There is no death in this range, you can use your favorite offerings to test distance and time interval, hard straight, etc.


How to identify the difference between the donor properties: 1. The donor properties have attribute Settings, which can be confirmed by viewing the detailed information of the donor, or judged by the ring on the donor icon - red is hot attribute, blue is cold attribute, yellow is thunder attribute, hazel is stone attribute, purple is toxic attribute, white is no attribute, and so on. 2, the donor strengthening the donor can be strengthened, the strengthening will be successful, and the strengthening grade is marked with the number of stars. Two donors of the same type consumed with the same number of stars can obtain a donor of the same type with a higher reinforcement level. Supplies with higher levels of reinforcement are more likely to be damaged after reaching the number of uses, although the number of uses is increased. The reinforcement level can be up to ★★★, and then it can be changed into a high intrinsic level of the donor if it continues to strengthen (example: two ★★★ healing species (small) after strengthening the healing species (medium)).


Open a fight with a small partner: This game has three main genres for players to choose from, namely, St. Suali, Afalon, and Green. The selection of the three genres is mainly related to the engraving bonus in the game setting, mainly reflected in the heart engraving. This is later, the novice can temporarily not consider this, as long as the novice first according to the plot, after the basic plot of the three schools can open the Internet. At this time, as long as you return to the interface of the book, select "communication" and you can network or face contact to happily pick the boss with your friends.


Pairing: If you want to have more fun with your partner, you can try using a combination of skills. Another feature of SSD is the offering connection between partners, such as: After A first change, B hard wrist strike (required species: Change into A burst + Hard wrist) A first change and then B Hard wrist strike (required species: Change into a burst + Animal wrist + hard wrist) A first open the shield and then B animal wrist attribute bonus (required species: Shield equipment + animal wrist)


Forbidden arts mentioned: the forbidden arts of this game added fury and angel in the previous game, personally think fury is the lowest cost of all the forbidden arts in it, only to set their own six offerings into the shape of [?], but did not change the order of the offerings, so you can basically remember the location of all the offerings after learning. And this forbidden art as long as you hold △ you can draw the whole boss over, unlimited size strange. Very strong monk travel brush copy necessary, the only can not pull only the two flying flies. Brushing the infinite maze is basically with this forbidden art, because it can pull even two gods.