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Some signs that dogs start to age

2018-03-15 16:00:00

As in humans, aging is irreversible in the cellular and biochemical structures that determine the structure and function of muscles, nerves and other tissues. When the cellular structure and biochemical structure begin to age, the dog begins to enter the third stage of its life: old age. Pet owners should provide more care and nutrition for their dogs at this stage. In general, small dogs have a longer life expectancy than large dogs. Small dogs enter old age at around 10 years old, large dogs enter old age at around 8 years old, and giant dogs enter old age at around 6 years old. Supersenile stage generally exists only in toy dogs or small dogs, and is over 11 years old, large dogs are over 9 years old, and giant dogs are over 7 years old. The table below shows the general age at which dogs of different body types enter old age. How do dogs behave as they age? In appearance, their fur turns gray and their skin condition deteriorates. They become sluggish, lethargic and inactive; Decreased health, vision and hearing loss, loss of sense of smell, tooth loss, weight loss, and even dementia.