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Solutions to weird problems

2018-03-21 22:24:18

The first example: the desktop assembly machine configuration seems to be Gigabyte NF520 CPU is 5000+ problem after reinstalling the system after boot has been rolling can not enter the system in my test here everything is normal, hard disk memory graphics card is OK, enter the system normal, Internet normal. The client went home and couldn't access the system and I thought there was something wrong with it, and I still couldn't unplug it all. Later, I accidentally asked the customer, and once the router didn't open in. I am here because XP plug in the network cable into the system to wait for a while, are inserted into the system after the network cable. Test as long as you plug in the network cable and then turn on the machine can not be opened, because the test can be normal Internet access without suspecting the network card. Replace the independent NIC. The BIOS shields the onboard NIC. Three days of back and forth. The second example: there are two desktop assembly machines and brand machines. Boot 2 minutes fixed screen death. Hardware checks are OK. Solution: Find that the temperature of the customer's home is too low, and the water can freeze there! Get it to a warmer room and fix it. It is also possible that the CPU temperature of the motherboard or other devices is too low to work properly, especially the capacitor. Third example: laptop WIN7/VISTA normal, XP can not enter the system can only enter the security mode (ACER some models are also) After query, CD mode XP does not support to change to PIO, the network said PIO (ACER can) can not set, only replace WIN7/VISTA or disable (unplug the CD). The fourth example: desktop/brand computer/notebook in my everything is normal, to the customer's home is not powered on, after testing the hardware peripherals, power cables, plug-in board normal. One section of the customer's home wire line has been burned black, and the power socket of another wire line is normal. There are two special cases of similar situations, especially pointed out: Example A, the customer's CPU is very hot, often does not start, E2140, the fan INTEL original plug copper, heat dissipation is normal, after testing found that the customer's computer and the freezer are the same power, when the freezer is started, the light bulb will be dark, replace to another power, move away from the freezer to solve the problem. Example B: The machine detection is normal, and the blue screen is irregular in the customer's home, and the error code is different each time. Chassis touch numb hand, judge is too much static electricity, there is no ground line in the customer's home, pulled a line on the chassis, the other end is placed in the bucket of salt after the smooth solution, a month did not appear blue screen. There is also a wireless router problem customers have 2 wireless routers can not always connect and like to drop the line. The solution is to find that a router set by the customer is Chinese, and the wireless NIC support is not good, and the total connection is not possible. The other is the English SSID obsolete. After detection, the two routers were put together to produce channel interleaving, channel 1 and 13 were set, and the Chinese SSDI was changed to the English SSID to solve the problem.