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Smart community in the last mile

2018-04-08 22:25:00

In recent years, the rapid development of smart city, but also more and more enterprises are concerned about, as an important part of the "city", smart community and the public more closely, his safety and comfort will directly affect people's confidence in the city.


Behind the continuous development of the smart community, the main battlefield of security, is the continuous development and landing of high-tech technologies such as the Internet of Things, AI technology, and cloud computing. Smart communities can be seen as a microcosm of smart cities, just like smart cities, which include both the transformation of traditional old communities and new communities under construction. From the point of view of security, the smart community has high requirements for security, in addition to the traditional visual intercom, video surveillance and other can improve the convenience of residents, experience, participation in addition, with biometric functions of personnel intelligent access control technology has also been put into use, with intelligent alarm and intelligent fire protection. The development of smart community provides sufficient market guarantee for the landing of smart security technology. If there is already a mature technology, why is the smart community just emerging?


Many years ago, due to the limitations of technology and development, it is difficult to have a company to provide a complete security system and products, each product is difficult to achieve mutual compatibility between products, so the development of the smart community has been very slow. From the perspective of real estate, the new smart community system can increase the price of housing, the collection of smart community data itself is not so important, not the importance of people, houses, things related analysis and processing is not so important. Complex system construction is also very complex for the community, and the profit of the property is not as high as imagined, so over time, intelligent services become very chicken ribs, so many intelligent communities are not intelligent.


Since 2017, the development speed of the smart community has accelerated significantly, and the factors that originally restricted the development of the industry have been breached one after another. Since the spring of 2018, Vanke has announced its entry into the property field to actively promote the coordinated development of the three core technologies of artificial intelligence, mobile Internet and new energy, which are of great significance to the smart community. Tencent intervened in the smart community and announced the opening of "Tencent Haina", providing convenience for properties and residents through cloud computing, big data and other technologies, and creating a healthy ecology of the Internet + community. Where there is Tencent, there will be. In March this year, it announced the link through cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other multi-ecological. The entry of these giants and the services of intelligent platforms not only break the boundaries of data and reduce costs, but also enable home online services and build smart communities.


Future opportunities in the current Internet giants can use scientific and technological means to open up all aspects of the data connection, but a perfect and intelligent security system is essential, the future smart community needs a unified security platform, and to build a variety of intelligent life scenarios, if you want to do a smart community, you need to deploy the relevant intelligent hardware from the bottom up. In addition, the construction of smart community will also accelerate the application of artificial intelligence in the field of security, the smart community can also be understood as a new application of security enterprises in the field of artificial intelligence, not the analysis of surveillance video, monitoring of people, cars and other content information extraction, which will make the community more intelligent.


Gaonet has said that Gaonet, as a transmission equipment brand of Aoteng Optocom, has industrial switches, optical terminals, fiber optic transceivers and other types of products, which are essential for the construction of smart community transmission equipment, to know that today's smart community not only needs to collect a variety of data, but also needs to carry out a certain degree of statistics and analysis of the data. In order to bring convenience to the life of residents.