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Small towns around for day trips

2018-03-22 09:36:51

All the little towns around for day trips.






It has always been known as the leisure city, suitable for retirement, suitable for tourism. Some time ago, because of Zhao Lei's song "", let really fire a fire, also fire, and recently fire again!! In the video, Tian Bo rotates and jumps to the rhythm of the music, with his eyes closed, while pulling the face in his hand. Spinning, jumping, my eyes closed... Some netizens commented, absolutely performing personality, this little brother business ability is strong. You think it's the only town that's fun? No, No, No! People who love to travel, most of them have lost interest in the name of the old commercial town, today I will introduce you to some other suitable for tourism and leisure town, some may not have heard of oh. When it clears up, go for a visit, drink tea, barbecue, cycling, camping, playing mah-will, blowing the shell, Bashi board ~ You can return on the same day, you can also live in the town for a night, feel the leisure life of the town.


1. Xilai Ancient Town I guarantee that 90% of people have never heard of this town. Knowing this place, all I can say is, you're a fool!! This place, because it is not known, so few people. The town is very quiet, the surrounding town is also very quiet, antique old streets, gurgling streams, green banyan trees, green houses, really have a kind of bridge, water, people's feeling. I got up at nine o 'clock in the morning to visit the town, it is very quiet, as if isolated. Such uncommercial towns are really rare now. There's a sweet water place in town that was delicious, really, and I still remember it, and there's a potato place, but it's shaped like flower petals, and I forget the name. There's the oldest old man in town who washes your hair for a few bucks. It's really primitive. West to I like the banyan trees, good looking ah, feel thousands of years. Oh, by the way, the west is not far from the Elephant Lake. The flowers in the Stone Elephant Lake are still very beautiful. Famous rice krispies and egg sweet potato cake, also can oh. Transportation information By car: Shiyang Passenger station: -- Xilai Chazi Passenger station: -- Qionglai - Xilai Xinnanmen Passenger Station: -- Xilai by car: 1, along Chengya highway west to Shou 'an exit, drive another 10 minutes, you will come to Xilai Ancient Town. The whole journey is only about 1 hour2, along Chengxinpu Express Road to Shouan territory, red street light to the west drive Shou Gao Road for about 10 minutes, you can reach the Xilai ancient Town for about 1 hour


2. White Deer Style town This town, in the past two years, special fire, for some time, my circle of friends have been brushed by it, a strong new small net red. After all, as a native, has visited the surrounding ancient town, this special town, or the first time to see it. Tell you, want to take a good picture, must go here, we can not go to Europe, feel the European style of the photo or can. There is a dinosaur garden next to the town, want to take pictures of cute to God, please come here to take pictures, inside all kinds of dinosaurs, even the trash are dinosaurs, awesome. The most comfortable is that here you can also buffet barbecue, hot pot, after you can also camp by the river, weekend to play here for two days, really good. Here the Ba Ba banquet, I highly recommend, good to eat ~ Traffic information Self-drive: 1, the Third Ring Road Chengpeng Interchange -- Chengpeng Expressway -- Pengzhou -- Avenue -- Jinpeng Avenue -- North Road -- Binhe Road on Pengbai Highway -- Tongji Bridge turn right -- along Xiaofu Road -- Bailu 2, Shaxi West Line -- Guzhen turn right -- Peng郫 Road -- Pengzhou -- Along Pengzhou Second Ring Road -- Pengbai Highway -- Bailu -- (Drifting end) 3, North New Line -- Pengzhou Mengyang -- - Hanpeng Road to Pengzhou - By Jinpeng Avenue - North Road - Binhe Road on Pengbai Highway - Xiaofu Road - Bailu bus: 1, Wutuishi bus station - Pengzhou passenger transport - Bailu bus 2, North train station - Pengzhou high-speed rail station - Pengzhou passenger transport - Bailu bus


3. Ancient town is a place that many people may have heard of, but few people seem to go to. But I want to say, like friends, this place, you do not come to pity, really pity. To tell the truth, the world ancient town is the same, and then stroll around is also like that, but here really a little misty rain feeling. It's fine during the day. It's not too strong. When I went there to play just lived a night, in the evening, under the light rain, sitting on the second floor of the inn, in the dim lights, listening to the rain, just as if to find the "misty rain" painting. My heart became very quiet, accustomed to city life, this feeling has not been seen for a long time. The old town has always been more ancient trees, ancient trees are more, this place to take photos, very feel, you see the photos feel it. There's a lot of local food there, so don't forget to try it. Transportation information By car: Shiyangchang Station: - New South Gate: - Drive: can be reached by Leya highway, at the Dongyue interchange off the highway can be


4. Jiezi Ancient Town is relatively famous, but I still want to recommend it, after all, this ancient town has not been fully commercialized, it has a little feeling but not many people, this ancient town is relatively large, and close to Weijiang, and the town built by the water always has a somewhat beautiful feeling. The covered Bridges in the ancient town are very interesting, and it is quite cool to go there in summer. You can sit down and drink tea and brag about the beautiful scenery. Hemp cake can buy some try, take home to friends is also a good hand letter. If you are lucky to meet the locals, you can also buy some good quality wild vegetables oh, I have bought wild leek before, take home stir-fry quite good. In fact, the reason why I recommend this place is to say that you must go to Dujiangyan South Bridge by the way, I love it here. Personally feel that Dujiangyan is a livable city, the south bridge at night, really can not be more beautiful, more fun. Summer is coming, with friends or relatives, sitting by the river at night, eating lobster, drinking cold beer, blowing cool wind, and singing next to the young people carrying guitars, feeling really good, than, Houhai are one hundred times more beautiful! Traffic information By car: Chazi Bus Station: - Jiezi Ancient town High speed rail: - Dujiangyan - Jiezi Ancient Town Drive: along Chengwen highway into Chengwenqiong expressway, to Chongzhou road to the direction of Jiezi follow the signs


To be honest, you don't have to recommend too many places, just practical. These places, I really think it is suitable for leisure travel around. It's not really where you go, it's who you're with, right? I hope you, too, take advantage of the weekend to play, and most importantly, I hope you enjoy these places, flowers ~

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