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Small house decoration skills

2018-03-16 06:24:08

The most considered decoration of small house is the problem of high utilization of space, but the color collocation can not be ignored, the color is not used well, it will make the limited space more depressed and so on.


Small houses


The first small apartment decoration technique to be introduced is the color problem. Because the small apartment decoration area is small, as we all know, wearing black clothes is thin, so the small apartment in the wall decoration and painting, should try to choose some relatively bright colors, avoid black or dark, so that the overall space looks more spacious and bright. However, it should be noted that do not use a particularly bright, saturated color, choose some low saturation of the best gray system. Because if the wall color is too bright and gorgeous, people will pay particular attention to the size of the space area, so that the overall space looks very narrow, thus producing a sense of pressure in the mind. Decoration


Decorate the second small apartment decoration skills are decorative aspects. Decoration is especially important for small units, because if the decoration of small units is not well configured, it is very easy to reveal the weakness of small units. When choosing decorations, the ceiling can be directly not done or some simple modeling ceiling can be used, which will not cause a strong sense of congestion. In addition, we can use some furniture or decorations made of very popular stretch materials, which will not occupy too much space in the room, and there is no design innovation, and it is very recommended to use.


Do not divide too much. The third small apartment decoration technique is to divide the problem. When we do renovations, we usually divide the space a lot, which is a common practice. However, when carrying out small apartment decoration, it is not recommended to make a lot of space segmentation. Because the small apartment space is very small, if it is divided into many parts, it will appear more narrow, and each part of the area is not too large, will bring an uncomfortable visual experience, the whole looks very messy. Therefore, small apartment decoration should try to avoid division, you can use some small embellishment or use some lines interspersed to break the overall dull feeling.


Reasonable storage space The fourth small apartment decoration skills are about storage. Traditional lockers often occupy a wall of space, which is not a big deal for large household decoration, but for small households, it is the least desirable practice. Because the room area is small, the design of the locker suddenly occupies the distance of one wall, which will cause great compression of the overall design space, and it looks narrow and narrow. The correct way is to build the storage space, make full use of the space area that can be built into the wall, leave more available area for the overall space, and see no obvious marks outside, which is the decoration means.


Material Small apartment decoration material choice also has a lot of attention, in terms of space partition, glass material is the best option. Because the glass material is more transparent, it can make the vision more open, extend the visual experience, and make the space look larger. This is the final introduction of small apartment decoration skills.