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Six powerful whitening tips to make your face glow again

2018-05-06 06:24:02

Acne on the face is an annoying skin problem, sometimes not only repeated, and even the trend of breeding and spreading, seriously affecting the image, leaving people too much trouble, what method can go to whitehead acne? Today Xiaobian will teach you 6 tips.

Tips for removing acne

Green tea. Green tea is rich in tannins, which are effective against whiteheads. And if you develop a good habit of drinking green tea, you can control the excessive secretion of facial oil. Green tea water is used to wash your face after cooling, long-term persistence, can make whitehead acne disappear oh.


Alcohol. Alcohol can be disinfected, after each thorough cleansing, you can dip a small amount of alcohol with a cotton swab, disinfect the spot of whitehead acne, persist in applying for a week, acne will disappear.


Exfoliate. An important reason for the appearance of whitehead acne on the face is that the skin stratum corneum is too thick, so it is recommended to do a good job of exfoliating work every day, it is recommended to do once a week, use mild exfoliating cosmetics.


Use base makeup sparingly. We attend some occasions, because the face has whitehead acne, we must use BB cream or some foundation to cover up. As everyone knows, this is a vicious circle, these base makeup is easy to clog the pores, and then continue to produce whitehead acne. So try to use as little base makeup as possible.


Steam your face. A special face steamer, or use a basin at home connected to hot water, so that the face fully absorb water vapor, the effect is the same. Steaming the face can make the face reach a moisturizing state, the pores of the face unclog, and the effect of removing whitehead acne is excellent. It is recommended to steam the face 2 to 3 times a week, after cleaning the face with warm water, and then pat some moisturizing water, whitehead acne will slowly disappear!


Salt water. Salt water can eliminate bacteria and viruses, wash your face with light salt water, can inhibit the production of acne. And for the first budding whitehead acne effect is great, but be sure to pay attention to the concentration of salt water is not too high, otherwise it will harm the skin.