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Shopping guide

2018-02-21 14:24:00

Shopping strategy is what, I believe that many friends are very interested in this problem, the following to introduce to you, hope to help you.


East Road, the legendary old, ten miles foreign market, there are too many big shopping malls, there are a number of old brands, such as the first food, Lao Jie Fu and so on.


Although in the magic city, but here things are not too expensive, Huaihai Road business circle, where high-end office buildings gathered, spawned a lot of high-end products.


The foreign department store in Xujiahui is crowded all the year round, surrounded by shopping malls, Yaohan business Circle, Yaohan is a major shopping coordinate in Pudong.


Superbrand Square is located in Lujiazui area, surrounded by financial institutions, a large number of gold collar, consumption power can almost be comparable to the legendary coal boss, the birth of many famous products, luxury brands.