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Shaving is risky, shovel poop officials need to be careful!

2018-02-25 14:24:00

JinJin is a cat who, like all cats, lives a comfortable life where he can go. However, he has recently become an Internet sensation thanks to a new look.


Here's the thing. The pooper is very fond of his cat. Every once in a while, I take him for a trim. It is precisely because of this that Jin Jin's appearance level has been maintained quite well.


Of course, no matter how high the face of the cat, as long as a slump on the ground, the body will be completely exposed.


A while back, the pooper was supposed to take Jin Jin to shave. But then I was too busy, and I left the cat with a friend. And then... When the shoveling officer sees his baby again, OMG! I don't know him at all!


All the hair on Jin Jin's body has been shaved, but the hair on his face has not moved. It's really like wearing a mask. And with that angry face, that look, it's amazing!


Later, in order to save Jin Jin's image, the shovel poop officer specially put a gray hat on it. It is It's really a picture cat.


Netizens were also laughing and crying at the look, but to be honest, it really doesn't look like a cat anymore. Recently, the weather is getting hotter and hotter. As the weather gets hotter, many parents choose to shave their cats for a more comfortable summer!


But shaving personal think is not want to shave shave, some people blindly shave the cat will cause some bad consequences ~


In summer, to see the dog's heat dissipation is to spit out the tongue outside the mouth, the dog's sweat glands are distributed in the tongue, that hot season the cat will sweat? By what means does its hairy body dissipate heat? Cats have sweat glands in their skin. The cat's sweat glands are not developed and do not actively participate in the regulation of body temperature like the human sweat glands, therefore, no matter how hot the weather is, you can never see the phenomenon of sweating cats.


Cats lose heat by radiating through their skin or, as in dogs, by breathing, but this heat dissipation is less efficient than sweating through evaporation. His best cooling tool is the fleshy pads on his PAWS. Usually, when the cat feels cold, it sleeps with its PAWS in its arms, but when the cat feels hot, it will stretch out its feet and open its PAWS, which is the cat's method of heat dissipation.


What are the circumstances that are not suitable for shaving: 1. For cities where the temperature is not very high, do not shave your cat for fun. 2. The home is not paved with floor or carpet, but with floor tiles or stones, if you shave your cat in this case, it is easy to catch a cold. 3. Cats with too sensitive personality and strong self-esteem: especially male cats without KC, hair is a sign of males for them, and once shaved, it will hurt the self-esteem of the cat. 4. There are more than two cats in the home, and there are fights between each other, the hair is also a kind of protection for the cat's skin, if the relationship between the cats in the home is not particularly harmonious, there is a fight, try to avoid shaving the cat, so as to avoid injury. 5. Cats have the habit of going out, some domestic cats also have the habit of going out, if this is the case, it is not suitable for shaving, so as not to get injured outside.