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Share with you the expansion project ---- inspiring

2018-02-26 12:48:00

Inspiring project layout: 1. Bring the students to the venue and form a semicircle. 2. Ok, now please be quiet, I will assign you this project, the project name is "inspiring", this is a very challenging project, can be completed by not many teams, I want to know, do you have the confidence to face this challenge, overcome this difficulty? 3. (There are 16 ropes on each drum, according to the number of trainees, and the individual drum, a maximum of 16 rope pullers and one bowler per drum, are divided into groups.) Task: 1. Each group uses the drum provided by us to control the drum head through the rope to bump up the ball and achieve the number of balls up to 100. 2. After each group practice, apply to the trainer for a challenge, and achieve 100 consecutive balls within 5 minutes, that is, complete the challenge. Project rules: Here I announce the rules of this project, please pay attention to: 1. Choose one student to be the bowler, and each other student to pull at least one rope; 2. The height of the ball is not less than 30cm; 3. The ball falls beyond the drum head and the count starts again; 4. Each group has 3 opportunities to apply for challenges; These are the rules of the project, is there anything you are not clear about? ... "Do you have the confidence to meet this challenge and accomplish this task?" After announcing the start of the project, project control: 1. Pay special attention to the safety of students in the process of the project to prevent students from tripping and falling on the ground; 2. Pay attention to whether all students abide by the rules, whether the handling of the ball is correct, and give timely guidance if it is not correct. See the improvement of students' performance, give praise and recognition. 3. Remember the student's performance during the completion of the project for review. 4. When the specified time arrives, let the student finish the ball properly. Announcement of results: Students from each group gather together; Publish the project results of each group.