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Shajiabang tourist attractions overview

2018-03-28 09:36:51

The whole area is rising in the tourism market with the unique idyllic scenery of "reeds, rice and willow on the coast". Convenient transportation, east Changkun Line to 80 kilometers, south up to Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed interflow 40 kilometers.

Scenic spot introduction

Shajiabang Scenic Spot is a patriotic education demonstration base, a hundred red tourism classic scenic spots, and one of the largest ecological wetlands in East China, covering an area of more than 1,000 mu. It has built a revolutionary traditional education area, aquatic plant viewing area, Red Stone folk culture Village, reed maze, food shopping area and other functional areas, and a number of scenic spots such as bamboo forest paths, fields of fields and reed fragrance, willow dike smell waves, hidden lake fishing, and double lotus water heating. END

Scenic spot recommendation

Shajiabang Revolutionary History Memorial Hall Shajiabang Revolutionary History Memorial Hall is located in Shajiabang Scenic Spot, one of the hundreds of red tourism classic scenic spots. It covers an area of 6400 square meters and a total construction area of 4492 square meters. It adopts modern artistic techniques such as historical pictures, simulated environment, physical exhibition, half-scene painting, sound and light. Closely related to the two major themes of patriotic education and revolutionary traditional education, it mainly shows the revolutionary history of Shajiabang, the fighting course of the New Fourth Army's anti-Japanese guerrilla war here, the situation of the wounded and sick in the rear hospital, the birth course of the Peking Opera "Shajiabang" and the development history of Shajiabang troops, etc., which truly and vividly reflects the historical facts of Shajiabang's revolutionary struggle. It has become a demonstration base for patriotism education.


Hongshi Folk Culture Village Hongshi Folk Culture Village collects the characteristic architecture of water village, reproduces the style of water village during the Anti-Japanese War, the building is built by the water, the front is wide water, ooling, reed leaves green, a quiet water village; After that is the new bamboo Grove, the creek, a farm scene, showing the unique folk customs of Shajiabang. Hongshi Folk Culture Village has pavilions, land temple, root carving hall, wedding custom hall, ancient ship Hall, Spring teahouse, ancient stage and other scenic spots, among which the ancient stage regularly performs the famous opera "Shajiabang" such as Zhidou, the specific time is 9:30 am to 10:00 PM, 13:30 PM to 14:00 every day.


The reed maze of Shajiabang reed activity area is the core of the whole scenic spot. It is divided into two areas: the water reed maze and the land reed maze. The crisscrossing river harbor and dense reeds form a wide, narrow, deep and torturous reed space on the water or land, forming a maze, providing tourists with a place to chase wild interests and experience the scene of the New Fourth Army rolling over the reed. Walking and boating, birds chirping, the cool wind blowing, the smell of reed, wild fun.


Hengjing Old Street Film and Television Base Hengjing Old Street Film and television base has preserved the old appearance of rural buildings, absorbed the essence of the town, and reproduced the rural scenery and cultural characteristics of the third and fourth centuries of the last century. Thirty episodes of TV series "Shajiabang" was completed here, in addition to "Three Words and Two Words", "Golden Age", "China's Wine King", "Jasmine Flower" and other TV series were filmed here. Hengjing Old Street film and television base every day there are cross-stick performances and wedding customs, in addition, Beijing Opera "Shajiabang" every day 10:45-11:15 am, 14:30-15:00 PM staged on time.


National Defense Education Park Shajiabang National Defense Education Park is located in the north of Shajiabang Revolutionary History Memorial Hall, covering an area of 130 mu. It is composed of extended training area, paintball shooting area, military weapons exhibition area, beach landing shooting range, outdoor camping tent area and other parts. It is a scenic area in Shajiabang to enhance citizens' national defense concept, spread national defense knowledge, and enhance tourism participation. Comprehensively improve the quality of young people and build another new bright spot.


Spring teahouse Spring teahouse reproduces the original shape of the small teahouse all over Shajiabang village at that time, "Build a stove, copper kettle boiling three rivers; Set up a table of eight immortals and entertain sixteen parties." Playing in the bamboo forest, listening to the opera and drinking tea, enjoy the fun of farm life, and complement the reed maze. Good natural ecology is an excellent choice for pursuing "green tourism" back to nature.


Pavilion also known as giant star Pavilion, star official name. In Chinese mythology, the gods who dominate fame and rank were worshipped by scholars in old times. The first Communist Party branch in Shajiabang was established in April 1928. The revolutionary martyr Shi Chucai used the Pavilion as a base to carry out revolutionary activities between 1927 and 1929, so we are now rebuilding the Pavilion. There are two floors of the pavilion, downstairs the hanging is the Emperor's image, upstairs display is one of the ten disciples of Confucius - Changshu Renyanzi (Zi You), as well as the history of Changshu eight champion. If the students from all over the world worship here and move the Emperor, they will be among the best in the college entrance examination even if they are not the top scorer.


Wei Wenxi is a boat enthusiast. For more than ten years, under the care of the Party, under the support of the provincial and municipal literary Federation and the Folk Artists Association, especially under the guidance of scholars, experts and professors in the field of ancient ship research in China, through continuous study and practice, he has a new understanding, understanding and improvement of the structure and design of ancient ships, and has tried to produce a batch of antique ship models. It has been affirmed by the ancient ship circles in our country. His greatest wish for the rest of his life was to hold an exhibition of ancient ship models. I know that there is a long way between desire and objective, to put it simply, it is a dream. Under the direct attention and concern of Changshu Municipal Party Committee and city leaders, and with the encouragement of major media reports, especially Shajiabang Party Committee and Li District provided exhibition venues free of charge and provided financial support, his wish was realized, and this exhibition was held, and my dream was finally fulfilled. His ship models reflect the maritime history and shipbuilding history of our ancestors in various historical periods for the Chinese nation, and reproduce the glorious ship development history.