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Shadow of the Deep Sea perfect ending Guide (1) - Introduction

2018-04-13 16:00:15

"Shadow of the Deep" (also known as "Crime Scene 75") is a comprehensive mini-game that tells the story of the heroine in order to investigate the deep underwater laboratory, but is involved in a biological hazard death adventure game.




Shadow of the Deep web game


At the beginning of the interface, there are five squares on the left side from top to bottom, respectively, the top pocket, the right hand, the back pocket, the front pocket, and the left hand. The game interface introduces the operation method: arrow key to move, hold down shift+ arrow key to run; Space bar to pick up items or open doors; Click any of the three pocket squares on the left side of the interface to view the item bar, and click the item in the item bar to view the relevant information of the item; Click the right hand box to select the weapon; Hold shift and aim while equipping your weapon, then hit Z to attack. Another note: if you choose to continue the game after your death, the character will be reanimated from the last door you entered the current room, but this has some effect on the story development and game ending decision.


The jacket pocket stores the picked up personal information card, the number shows the number; When armed with a weapon in the right hand, a number shows the amount of fuel left (items with unlimited use do not show a number); The rear pocket stores picked up weapons or scattered items, the number shows the number of possession; The front pocket stores the information of paper items, the number shows the quantity; The medicine box is stored in the left hand, the number shows the remaining amount, the automatic equipment is in the left hand when picking up the medicine box, the mouse click will consume a copy to restore some health (can not be used when the health is full), in the game because of the plot needs to also need to give to others, so please be sure to ensure that the number of medicine boxes is not zero at any time. Below the five squares are three energy slots, green for health and blue for breath. When the character is not alive or breathing, it is considered dead. The third is the infection level value, which can only be seen when the right hand is equipped with an examiner. A character spending too much time in a cold place costs health. When the character is attacked by tentacles or monsters, the infection will increase, and the infection will affect the ending, so try to minimize the damage in the game. When using the medicine chest, it only restores health, and the infection level does not change. The medicine box is limited to 9 copies and other items are unlimited.


In addition to their own personal information card, each researcher also has one, which can be used as a key to their corresponding room. In the game, please pick up as many items as possible, which is helpful for exploring the plot and passing, and picking up different items will also affect the development of the plot. Paper materials may contain important information, and it is best to read them carefully. In addition, the game does not pause while checking items, so be careful if there are enemies nearby.


Enter the submarine and talk to the suit man, asking himself why he was suddenly called into the submarine, and the suit man said that it was an order, and that he was the officer who went with him. At this time, the man in the suit handed over a piece of information, and learned that there is a lock-in experiment in the deep sea construction, and theoretically speaking, the laboratory and the land need to contact once every few times to ensure normal operation, but a few days ago, the problem of contact interruption occurred. The temperature, acidity, air pressure, power system and other values of the environment in the underwater experiment were changed, but they did not threaten the safety of the researchers. However, contact has been completely lost since August 14, which means that there are no major problems other than the inability to contact the experiment. Considering that researchers who live in underwater confined Spaces for a long time may have mental stress problems, it is not ruled out that this is the behavior of researchers who refuse to respond. In addition, the underwater laboratory is an important national research project, built from the data of the previous Biosphere 2, and led by Professor Harvey Olson, a leader in the field of psychology. This time, the hope is to eliminate this hysterical psychological state of researchers through psychological counseling. At this time, it can be understood that the heroine as a psychological consultant, or Professor Olson's original student, excellent performance. Thought it would be best if the assigned therapist knew Professor Olson better. Enter your name and get your personal information card.


Arriving at the underwater laboratory, the suit man was found to be carrying a gun, but the suit man said that the researchers were so hysterical that they might be aggressive, just in case. Then the man in the suit said he'd check it out first. Heard gunshots, followed in, found two bodies.


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At this point, you can start to operate the game.

Matters needing attention

The game has a long story line and requires patience when playing.