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2018-05-02 00:00:00

The city is located in the hinterland of Xiaoling in the northeast of China province, between the Songhua River and the two major water systems, known as "China's forest capital", "Hometown of red pines", "home of dinosaurs" reputation. It is the main forest ecological tourism area in Northeast China, with unique characteristics of forest, ice and snow, river and other tourism. Because it is far away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, the air and water quality here are clean and the environment is quiet. It is an ideal place to return to nature for forest ecological sightseeing and leisure vacation tourism.

Matters needing attention

The best time to travel because it is located in the deep mountains, the average altitude of more than 600 meters, but also belongs to the sub-cold climate, is one of the lowest average temperature cities in China. Even in the middle of summer, the temperature difference between day and night is very large, so you should prepare enough clothes when you go. Traffic Guide Outside traffic: Nanwu bifurcates from Hajia station, connecting 12 (forest) districts, to the deepest part of Xiaoleng Wuyi Ridge. Highway: 222 National Highway from to, a total length of 358 kilometers, of which the section has been built as a highway. Long distance passenger schedule


5:40-20:00, half an hour 1 class Fare: 64 yuan 7:00 Fare: 39 yuan 7:30, 10:30 fare: 26 yuan 6:30, 8:00 Fare: 21 yuan Food and snacks Recommended: Hydrophilic home restaurant Su big sister old hot pot


Shopping guide is rich in ginseng, acanthopanax, schisandra and other 300 kinds of Chinese herbs and mountain grapes, persimmon, hazelnuts and other 30 kinds of wild fruits and wild vegetables, far from you, you must buy some mountain wild goods back. There are many local seasonal activities in the province of folk festival. Because it is one of the areas inhabited by ethnic minorities, different ethnic groups have different customs, different cultures and different seasonal activities. But the biggest and most influential seasonal events are the provincial ski festival and the municipal Ice Festival. Provincial ski Festival, held once a year, the time is set for December 5 to January 6 of the next year, for a month, if visitors come at this time, you can go to the ski resort to try your hand, enjoy the fun of ice and snow sports. The Ice and Snow Festival is also held at this time, and visitors can go to the city to see the beauty of ice lanterns and snow sculptures, enjoy the ice and snow evening parties, and participate in many ice and snow entertainment projects.


It is one of the cities with the lowest average temperature in our country. Even in the middle of summer, the temperature difference between day and night is very large, so you should prepare enough clothes when you go.