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Self-help tour play guide

2018-04-04 20:48:10

Today, take you to play the long-awaited, a beautiful and desirable city.


Now let me introduce you to the Zhuang, a surprise, Zhuang is free admission. The night market is the most lively, lively market, all kinds of delicious barbecue and exquisite small things.


The Dai Garden is made up of several Dai villages. There's a splash square inside. There are performances for visitors to visit. We can buy delicious dried fruits in the Dai Garden. It's cheap and super sweet.


Jinuo Mountain Village is a minority style village, they are an ethnic group married with Cousins. The ticket price is 160 RMB. Friends who go here to play should pay attention to oh, the temperature here is relatively low, we bring some clothes in the morning and evening.


The entrance fee to Forest Park is not expensive. When we go to play here, we buy a ticket for a battery car at the entrance. There are performances in the Forest Park. We can have fun sightseeing.


The Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is a famous scenic spot, with all kinds of flowers and plants, which are very beautiful and super suitable for taking photos. Beautiful scenery, air. We can pick our own fruit on the plantation. High, the fruit is super sweet.


If we buy fruit, we can go to the farmers market to buy it, it's affordable and delicious. Take a taxi here, the taxi does not hit the meter, we can bargain, we can also hitch a taxi. The driver may recommend you a ticket, just refuse.