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Self-help tour guide

2018-03-20 08:00:00

In our lives that, how to operate the small problem of the above title, Xiaobian is here today to share a little of my experience, to increase our experience, hope to bring you help.


Seeing the sound of rain outside the window, my heart cooled. Move to the West Liangyi booked room, and then wait in the inn until the rain stops. The inn was full of backpackers who had been delayed by the rain. People curl up on couches with various digital devices, or sit in a circle listening to their own stories. There's a weather sign in the inn, it's raining, doesn't mean it's raining on the lake.


The rain stopped, and it was easy to find a partner to carpool to the lake on the information board of the hostel. Teacher Wu and to Mian and bear, the next day around the lake route and vehicles have been arranged.


Take the day is not dark, hurry by car to Tar Temple. The transportation of Tar Temple is very convenient, and the fare is 30 minutes by car. This is a generous temple, with many visitors, which can be irritating. I always have respect for places like the temple, not because of faith in the three Treasures, but just a kind of distant look up, inexplicable respect for those who have persistent faith.


Until the snow mountains were seen in the distance, until the indigo blue of the lake outlined a stunning ribbon on the ground plane, until the rapeseed flowers of the mountains broke into the eyes, I really realized that what tormented me was the sea in front of me, and what I deeply longed for was the blue sky of this plateau.


There are also many cultural and natural attractions worth seeing along the lake, more recommended are the Sun and Moon Mountain, Tar Temple, Chaka, Bird Island, Golden Silver Beach prairie, bay; There are some local herdsmen's homes on the lake, if you are not willing to spend money to enter the Erlang sword scenic spot can also give the villagers some money, they will take you to the lake, the scenery is also beautiful.


Returning from Chaka to the lake, it was getting late, the sun was not setting, and it was 8 o 'clock in the evening before it gradually dropped behind the mountains. The temperature suddenly began to drop, the lake rose a bright moon, cold moonlight, shining on this gentle sea. The tents were lighted one by one, and the songs of the prairie could be heard far and near. You can find a tent hotel by the lake in high season like this.

Matters needing attention

The above is the key to how to operate, if you feel that this experience is helpful to you, please click on the bottom or the upper right corner of the "thumb" or share or "pay attention to TA" to give me a little support. You can also express your views below. (Without consent, or copying)