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Seaside one day tour guide route

2018-03-29 22:24:23

Easy and easy day trip route. The tour starts at the railway station and ends at the Lighthouse Scenic spot after a day of sightseeing. Suitable for weekend driving, or friends with trains in the morning and evening.


After arriving by train in the morning, take No. 1 bus at the bus stop of the train to Century City Station and transfer to No. 10 bus, and go straight to Taigong Island Scenic spot. Taigong Island is a reef island, when the tide can not be seen, after the ebb tide will appear a lot of connected reefs, is a good place to catch the sea and relax. The sea breeze in the morning, blowing the sea breeze along the coast, you can feel the sea.


Then you can go south along the Bihai Road, you can reach the Wankou coastal scenic spot. Walk on the waves, bask in the sun, play with sand, you can also take a swim in the sea.


In the evening, take the 33 car to the lighthouse scenic area to enjoy the lighthouse night view, of course, if the energy is still full, walk along the coast to the lighthouse is also a good choice. The beautiful journey of the day ended happily, and then you can choose to stay near Wankou, or go to the railway station to ride home, without delaying the next day's work and study.


Day trip dining: Seafood dinner is to not miss the food, a day trip itinerary is relatively tight, lunch must not miss the opportunity to eat seafood. There are a lot of wine near Taigong Island, not far from Qiaojiadunzi and Wang Jiasao, you can go to wine or fish home to have a big meal. Don't choose the wine around ten thousand mouth, rippers are more serious, you can go to the nearby seaside road two, is a good choice to eat seafood.


If you need to stay, there are a lot of wine near 10,000 mouth, Qiaojiadunzi, Wangjiasao also have a lot of fish, you can choose a few fish fish review online evaluation is better. Live in the vicinity of wine, you can find a sea view room, is a very good experience.

Matters needing attention

Do not eat in the food stall near the square thousand mouth, rip-off is more serious