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Seafood Treatment Tips 2 (Dried Octopus)

2018-02-28 03:12:00

Orderly operation and cleaning of dried octopus is a good habit to form our daily life, but also to make the cooking process clean, but also conducive to people's health.


Dried octopus, vinegar


Dried octopus is a kind of healthy food with high protein and low fat, calcium and strong bones, and can improve male fertility. Usually people use it to make soup and drink, which can absorb rich high-quality protein, absorb rich chondroitin and arginine. It can meet the needs of protein, physiological calcium and arginine during body metabolism, and it can supplement sufficient energy for the human body, alleviate body fatigue and enhance physical fitness.


This article is based on experience


Remove the dirt from the dried octopus, so that the rough washing is complete.


The octopus dry eyes, teeth, etc. all picked out, thoroughly clean the octopus dry, this process takes a relatively long time.


Add onion, ginger, salt, shaoxing wine and so on to cook carefully


The following people should avoid food: if there is a history of urticaria, cancer patients should avoid food, people with high cholesterol and gout should eat less. It is suitable for people with weak constitution, insufficient qi and blood, malnutrition and insufficient maternal milk. Because "Materia Medica" once said: "octopus qi nourishing blood, convergence, muscle. It shows weakness of qi and blood, and boils and ulcers."

Matters needing attention

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