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Science dispels rumors about the harm of Coke to men's spermicide.

2018-01-07 12:48:00

Is the spermicidal claim that Coke is harmful to men true or false? Here's a look. I do not know if we have encountered such a situation in friends dinner, male friends at the same table will politely refuse you to pass the Coke, the reason is spermicide! This is also one of the myths that Coke is harmful to men, if you have male friends like this, suggest they read this article. The spermicidal rumor that Coke is harmful to men stems from a 1985 experiment in the United States, which added frozen sperm to three tests containing soda and found a corresponding reduction in sperm count. So the study concluded that soda can affect sperm motility to some extent. In fact, the length of sperm life is closely related to the environment: normal sperm survive the longest in the cervix, for 2 to 8 days; Uterus, egg transfusion followed, for 2~2.5 days; In the vagina, you can only live half a day. If left the human body, put the sperm into water or air, its life is not more than half an hour. All in all, sperm have a shorter life outside the body than inside, and their decline is inevitable, regardless of whether they are placed in soda or not. Therefore, the spermicide of coke's harm to men is a little too far-fetched. Rather than saying that the harm of cola to men is spermicide, let the black pot of male sperm decline on the back of cola, it is better to look at some scientific research data. In fact, foreign studies have shown that compared with non-smokers, the main indicators of semen quality are significantly reduced, the malformation rate of sperm is increased, and the number of white blood cells in semen is increased. Similarly, alcohol has a direct impact on men's reproductive health. So, don't waste time entangled in the harmful spermicidal argument of Coke to men, try to make their lifestyle habits become healthy, quit smoking and drinking, healthy diet, adhere to exercise, I believe that your body tadpoles will be more and more healthy.