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SCI papers seven points to note

2018-04-09 22:24:48

The publication of SCI papers is a demonstration of their accumulated clinical cases and scientific research data for the medical work that fights on the front line of medical research. Medical practitioners attach great importance to whether a paper can be published in SCI journals. Here we list seven points to pay attention to SCI papers :1. Clear organization If the organization of an article is not clear, the reviewer will be moved and confused, which will waste an innovative idea. When writing the Introduction part, when writing the role of vitamin D3 in the prevention of food cancer, the writing idea is as follows: First write the definition of food cancer, the incidence situation, which brings great harm to human health. Therefore, we investigated the role of plasma vitamin D3 levels in the prevention of dietary cancer. This is very arbitrary and does not show why checking the plasma level of vitamin D3, rather than the level of its main metabolite in the body, plays a role in the prevention of dietary cancer. 2. Reliable Methods Methods can be simple, but must be repeatable. 3. Original content The originality of SCI papers is the basic academic ethics, although SCI journals will not put forward too much requirements for the author's originality, but to ensure that the original is one of the fundamental elements of SCI publication. Nowadays, many purported to be able to do SCI paper writing bags, there is no academic team, relying on some of the fur of the SCI paper publication process to cheat, the content written out is also mostly fabricated and plagiarized, such articles are found by peers will have serious consequences. 4. Scientific research significance The Discussion of SCI papers does not require the author to further elaborate the results. A well-written Discussion can highlight the scientific research significance of the whole article. Any SCI journal will not include any innovative articles, which is not conducive to the long-term publication of SCI journals, which is obviously different from some low-quality journals. For example, Cell Research, a journal run by the Institute of Biochemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, relies on sponsors rather than royalties for its income. 6. In the Introduction part of SCI papers, to explain why it is necessary to study the role of vitamin D3 in the prevention of food cancer, we should start from the following aspects: A brief introduction of the incidence of food cancer (2-3 sentences). The key is to find the relevant reports of vitamin D3 and its metabolites in the prevention of dietary cancer. Through the search, it was found that the metabolites of vitamin D3 were described in the past, so the role and mechanism of its main metabolites in anti-cancer can be listed (select the focus, to be able to justify). Finally, to explain why the study of vitamin D3 rather than its metabolites on the prevention of dietary cancer, the reason is that the vitamin is taken directly through the diet, and this study can provide some dietary assistance for cancer patients. 7. Verifiable results The nature of SCI publication lies in this, if it is based on fabricated data then the results will often be biased. For the statistical part, it is necessary to find the right method, not to piece together significant differences, and not to modify the original data if the wrong statistical method is chosen. This is the most important part of the reviewer, and will be verified with the help of a large number of information searches or methods.