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Savor the philosophy of life carefully

2018-03-21 17:36:04

How can a man do the right, complete? What is our bottom line and principle of life, what is our fundamental life, we should reflect deeply.


◆ It's better to change yourself than to change others. ◆ Those who have wealth are not as good as those who have wisdom. ◆ Those who often forgive themselves are often not forgiven by God. ◆ Those who often blame themselves can often be forgiven by others. People are very strange. They don't know themselves, but they want to interfere with others every day, which makes them miserable. ◆ The reason why people suffer is to pursue the wrong things. ◆ To make a mistake is ordinary, to forgive is extraordinary. Words that hurt people, like water covering the ground, cannot be undone. Facial stimulation, not real enjoyment, 'inner peace', is the place to start. A person with too much self-esteem and too much superiority will be vulnerable, and a little adversity will be enough to make him sleepless all night. To envy others and hate others is to give your life to others. To slander others is like to insult others with blood, and pollute your own mouth first. ◆ Trusting hearsay is like a silly dog that rushes to pick up a stone thrown by others. If you can't grasp the present, you can't get eternity. ◆ People's hearts are not good, environmental protection, public security, naturally bad. ◆ If you are not afraid when you encounter difficulties and have nothing in your mind, you will get peace and tranquility. ◆ Time will pass. ◆ Hate others, the pain is your own. Be strict with yourself and lenient with others. Don't waste your life where you know you'll regret it. With a grateful heart, forget the shortcomings of others! Conquering the world is not great, but a man who can conquer himself is the greatest man in the world. Ordinary people pursue extraordinary, wise people are willing to ordinary, but enjoy ordinary. ◆ Everything is satisfactory to those who can endure; Those who are good at anger are always in hell. You don't make money so much as you are earned by money, because money takes away your youth, time, strength, and life, making you unwittingly become a slave to money. ◆ A person with ambition makes a wish and sticks to it for life. People who have no ambition wish every day, floating but not true. ◆ When the rice ears are mature, the head is naturally low. Things can be satisfied with the heart often satisfied, people to no quality from high. ◆ Talent and slow nature is great talent, and wisdom and Qi and Si are great wisdom. Years are not high in virtue, but a hundred years in wisdom.


Because the small fruit is great, do not take evil for small, do not take good for small. If there is no "right" hanging on the mind, it is a good time in the world. Sweep the floor. Sweep the heart. Sweep the floor. ◆ Each has his own fate. He who is willing to bow his head will never hit the low door. Don't let the ancients be called ambitious, don't let the present people be called infinite. I love my teacher, and I love the truth above all. Don't trust authority. Sometimes authority is wrong. ◆ For without, good without living. ◆ Years grow old faster than troubles. He who often makes others happy must be happy himself. If you want to make dreams of the future, now is the time. ◆ Thousands of people suffer, suffering is not the same. Bow to others, never short. It is better to cherish a good fortune than to regret a few mistakes. ◆ A great deal is a great deal. Be indifferent in good times and calm in bad times. A calm sea never makes a good sailor. ◆ Fill your stomach, but fill the heart of greed. ◆ Face the reality, adversity will turn into prosperity, there is always a chance to change. Escape from reality, although the temporary peace, but there is no room to turn. ◆ Throw off your mask and you can enjoy the joy of nature. The past, has become the past, it is only a remnant of memory, don't worry about the past and his heart. A gentleman becomes a man's beauty, but not a man's evil. Gold has no seed, but is born in the house of frugality. Everyone in the world is pursuing happiness, but no one really knows what happiness is. ◆ The garbage in the home must be cleared away, but the garbage in the heart (anger, hatred, doubt, desire, delusion, hostility) must not be "emptied". Sincerity can move people, modesty can be said to convince people. Honesty is a very plain word, but if you want to achieve, you must do it. If you have made a mistake and committed a sin, it is not important whether others know it or not, the most important thing is that you know it. ◆ Good at protecting themselves, always talk modestly. The good, the bad, all disappear with time, without exception. God's schedule of time is absolutely equal. You must think for others, think for yourself first. If you lose the duck, you will hurry to get it back, but if you lose your conscience, no one is anxious. ◆ The mind should be bitter, the interest should be happy, the bearing should be macro, and the words should be careful. ◆ Talk too much and lose too much. Give yourself as few opportunities as possible. ◆ Praise others in public; Blame must be in private. A wise man takes pleasure from his surroundings; a man without wisdom wants others to give him pleasure. Greed, your face, is poverty. If you do not get rid of your lust, you will never be free and live a happy life. Work is not afraid of failure, but is afraid of permanence. If a person is not tainted by bad habits, happiness is near! Where there is desire, there is trouble. To do a good job of your personal hygiene, especially 'mental hygiene' is the most important. There is a business in the world that is always losing money, that is losing temper. Fish lives in water, so we can't see his tears. The principle of right and wrong is to think about others in their shoes. Health is a true treasure, don't waste it. ◆ Right and wrong every day, do not listen to nature. ◆ Integrity is a virtue. ◆ Blame others, blame yourself first, is a gentleman. ◆ Can feel the fraud of others, not in words, insulted by people, not moving in color, Tao into near Yi! Sit still and reflect on your own mistakes. Talk about others. A person who often looks at the shortcomings of others is not good enough, because he has no time to examine himself. A wise man will never see the faults of others. It is harder to be wise than to be foolish. ◆ Do not speak aggressively, do not kill, do not praise oneself, do not speak evil of others, naturally turn enemies into friends. The mind can be equal, we can live in a harmonious world. To reduce their desires to the lowest point, to sublimate their reason to the highest point, is a great man, a saint.


◆ Two people quarrel, a to B said you are very subjective, B to A said you are not objective, subject and object two views, no standard, right and wrong will always exist. ◆ Those who love to say that people are not, stand in front of the mirror, there is an ugly shadow in the mirror, only to know that it is their own respect. ◆ Contented people, although lying on the ground for happiness; He who is not satisfied is not satisfied in heaven. No matter how great the achievements, but a proud heart; No sin is worth more than a word of regret. ◆ A busy mind is not blind. Everything can stand in the perspective of others to think for others, is a wise man. Appropriate desire, is necessary for human beings, but beyond the scope, pain, sin, will follow. ◆ The value of man lies in dedication and sacrifice. ◆ When you have beauty in your heart, the world will look different from your eyes. The contented man is rich and poor; the discontented man is rich and poor. ◆ Go with the flow, don't climb. Error begets trouble, but sin is destroyed. Give hope, don't give despair. ◆ The sea is wide, the fish leap, the sky is high, the birds fly. ◆ Can accommodate the existence of different, to achieve their own greatness. ◆ People often think of sick days, then dust thinking of self. People often want to die, then the way to read their own life. You can't get rid of your inner troubles, even if you travel the world, you can't get happiness. ◆ The law is after the prosecution, but the injury has become a fact, it is better to prevent in advance, can be small and small. Between good and evil, always in the same thought. One misread, and all is lost. Thank God for what I have and thank God for what I don't have. ◆ The courage to accept criticism from others can adjust your own shortcomings. ◆ The reason why people are ordinary is that they cannot surpass themselves. ◆ What's in a name? What we call a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet. ◆ In noisy places, calm down. Where the cold is, be warm. ◆ Mediocrities, ancient and modern, are defeated by the word "lazy". Ancient and modern talent, defeated by the word 'proud'. Don't let a little dispute drive you away from your closest friends and relatives. Don't forget the great kindness of others because of a small grudge. ◆ People are good just I win with soft, people are good, I feel sincere. ◆ Do not approve people when you are happy, and do not answer people when you are angry. A true talent will not be proud, a real scholar will not praise learning. ◆ To be moved by desire is to be lost. Let the gas, gas is wrong. ◆ Stop stealing words when there is no matter, stop confusing words when there is something. ◆ Those who make good use of power do not light anger, and those who make good use of grace do not abuse. Too much is lost, but too little is said. ◆ If the heart is equal, say hello, say you are bad, it is the same. Sometimes, we have to calmly ask ourselves, what are we pursuing? What do we live for? ◆ The great poor is also the great rich, nothing, no concern, quiet talk, quiet and complacent. ◆ Accept and bear. The beginning of learning is practice. Look at all kinds of calculations ten years ago, feel ridiculous today, if ten years later look back at today's dispute, should smile, it can be seen that for each moving point of time, the calculation and attachment, will only increase our trouble and pain. People who do not love themselves are incapable of loving others. ◆ Light points in the heart, in order to shine ten directions. ◆ Truly enjoy life without any comparison. Conscience is everyone's most fair judge, can deceive others, but never deceive their own conscience. ◆ One step is better than a thousand miles. He who can let go of his troubles can get real happiness. Only by facing reality can we transcend reality. Every tree and grass has room for its survival. Respect each other.