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Safety precautions for use of commercial induction cookers

2018-05-13 06:24:42

Here we introduce the safety matters that need to be paid attention to in the use of commercial induction cookers, and what dangerous matters should be avoided in the use of commercial induction cookers.


Commercial induction cooker


Power source


1, can not use sharp objects to scratch, impact glass-ceramics, glass-ceramics plate cracks, must immediately cut off the power to stop use. 2, do not put metal items (such as tools, jewelry) in the heating area of the microcrystal plate to avoid heating. 3. The arc of the pot should be consistent with the arc of the microcrystalline plate, and the material of the pot should be an iron wok.


4, not easy to use in high temperature, steam, moisture environment. 5, the bottom of the induction cooker for the system cooling air inlet, must ensure that the air is not blocked by items, otherwise it will cause protection phenomenon. 6. Do not dry burn the induction cooker to prevent the protection from working due to the high temperature of poor heat dissipation in the machine and affect the service life of the induction cooker.


This article illegal climbing is taken from experience


10, please keep the induction cooker clean to prevent insects from entering the body, resulting in short circuit or failure of the circuit. 11, should be careful not to wash the water into the machine. Maintenance: Only professionals should be responsible for repair/maintenance. Before service/maintenance, the power supply must be cut off and cooled, and all separate connections and ground cables must be connected after the service/maintenance work is completed.

Matters needing attention

Use should follow the instructions


Note that the product can be used normally