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Rolling shutter door common faults and maintenance methods

2018-04-19 14:24:40

What are the common faults and maintenance methods of rolling shutter doors? If you don't know, check out my share! Here are the detailed steps, I hope to help you!


1, fast door brake slip 1, brake brake disc oil. Wash with gasoline.


2. The compression spring force is reduced. Replace the spring.


3, the electromagnet installation is not correct. Reinstall it.


1. The manual pull rod of the fast rolling shutter door is deformed. Replace the manual pull rod. 2, the gap between the manual pull rod and the washer is large. Reduce the gap. 3, gearbox motor lubrication failure. Change the grease.


3, the motor of the fast rolling shutter door does not start 1, the circuit is disconnected, check the wire. 2, the operating capacitor is damaged, replace the operating capacitor. 3, the bridge rectifier is bad or the electromagnetic coil is bad, the brake is stuck, replace the bridge rectifier or the electromagnetic coil.


4, the limit switch normally closed contact is blocked, polish the contact or replace the limit switch. 5, the relay coil is bad or oxidized, stained, replace the relay or polish the contact. 6, overheating protection failure. Replace the overheat protector. 7. The brake is stuck. Manual chain pull and turn a few times. 8, the continuous running time is too long, the thermal protection is disconnected. The motor temperature can drop.


Four, the hand chain of the fast rolling shutter door can not be pulled 1, the ring chain blocked the cross slot. Straighten out the chain. 2. Electromagnet fasteners are loose. Retighten.