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Renting lessons

2018-03-25 04:48:16

Some lessons learned in the process of renting, I hope to be recorded and seen by everyone, can help friends who want to rent.


Rent a house


If you want to move, you must find a room in advance, otherwise you may not have time in a hurry at the end, and it will take time to find the right house.


The house you want, you must pay the deposit immediately, the deposit is the house you want, and the landlord reached an agreement. It is almost certain that the landlord will rent it to you, and you will rent it.


For your hesitant house, be sure to consider the number and then pay a deposit, because pay a deposit, because the landlord will think that you must rent, then you regret, the deposit will not get back.


Even if the deposit is not paid at the beginning, the landlord is also selecting the tenant, be sure to ask the latest situation in time, if it has been rented out, do not delay their own to continue to find a room.


Tired of looking for a house, did not find the right one, do not want to move, must pay close attention to the current landlord, otherwise he may unknowingly rent out the house, get it very passive.

Matters needing attention

Think twice before you leap


Be cautious about renting