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Real deal shopping

2018-02-19 19:12:00

An APP shopping, a lot of discounts. After downloading and installing this APP, registered users will have coupons to send, bind the card, you can send an activity, there are big turntables, questionnaires, etc., and there are golden egg smashing activities on the 9th of every month, you can get raffle tickets, at least 50% discount. So living at home can save a lot of money. There are more commodities, grain and oil, tobacco and alcohol, drinks, snacks, daily necessities, etc., the price is the same as the supermarket, but the coupon deduction is a lot of real savings.


The first thing is to download the APP and install it.


Open the APP, you can see things on the home page, mainly various information sections, such as various activities, product promotion information, etc.


Click on a category, such as the delivery area, where the goods are free at home. Of course, if you are not assured, you can also pick up the goods in the entity, or directly consume them in the entity.


If you click on cooking oil, you can see the specific product information and prices, peanut oil 145 a barrel, the price in the supermarket is similar, if you use 50% discount or 70% discount coupon to buy, really can save a lot.


Below is a picture of spent vouchers. The real experience, the purchase is fast, the packaging is good, and the quality is the same as in the physical.