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qq group search ranking how to do to rank?

2018-03-26 03:12:18

Groups are the most widely used group chat-based marketing tool. If you have the responsibility to optimize and promote this group, make it easier for people who need it to be easy to search, and let more relevant people join the group, there must be a better chat effect and marketing opportunity. Let's call this optimization group SEO. For groups and similar group chat tools, from the perspective of SEO optimization, combined with the specific characteristics of Q groups, we can carry out targeted ranking optimization from the name of the group, the description of the group text, the setting of the group profile picture, and the setting of the group location.


Group of


Group software/plugins

Optimization of group names:

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About the group description text:

The description of the group is also crucial to the ranking of the group in the search results, just like the description of the general website, it is also necessary to cooperate with the group name to achieve the desired good results. In general, the more keywords and group names appear in the description, the higher the result will appear. This is an opportunity especially for a group that is not very old. When writing descriptions, it is necessary to properly arrange the frequency and relevance of keywords, and to keep specific as smooth and reasonable as possible. This is great for search results and experience.

Relationship between group avatars and search optimization:

When creating a group, the group profile picture can be the system default or customized. There are even greater benefits to using custom avatars. First, it can be more effective to attract the demand group; Second, it is one of the necessary conditions to evaluate the group grade; Third, there seem to be some benefits to using personalized avatars for search rankings. Group search ranking is also a comprehensive factor to determine the matter, if not built to play, every detail should try to do the best.

Optimization effects of group position display:

The search shows that when group positions are set, the default ranking is to show that the local position appears first. This is actually better for mobile search. If you're building a local or region-specific group, don't forget to set it up properly when optimizing rankings. In fact, in most cases this does not affect the optimization ranking in addition to the above ranking optimization, making the group search position is the group chat activity, health. The activity of the group indicates that under your leadership, the members of the group speak enthusiastically and the atmosphere is positive, which improves the people's attitude of the group imperceptibly. Stability and health of group members are also factors in ranking. Therefore, in daily group communication, the correct leadership and guidance of the group master and manager are essential, and you are their core. Does a good grasp of the ranking rules mentioned earlier in this article mean that your group can be high in the search? Micro blue tell you, NO! This is not enough. The above methods are only some basic optimization steps and routines, really want to make the group ranking to the point of excellence also need to master some necessary optimization software and plug-in tools. So how do you use these things? Mainly in the following two aspects.


(A) Group ranking software description: 1. Easy to use qq group data modification group ranking tool software, the latest network exclusive dual interface optimization, you can own a certain degree, many such tools on the Internet, their own identification of good or bad. 2. The software supports modifying the group custom address, optimizing the group code, and making the group ranking stand out in the same group. 3. It can help users quickly modify group information in batches, such as group introduction, name, label, industry and avatar. 4. The software operation is very simple, which can help users complete group information modification and other operations more easily and quickly. 5. The software supports remote verification code and automatic IP address change. Group optimization ranking essential tools, necessary auxiliary tools!


(2), group active software description: 1. Support batch import multiple numbers, automatic voting, signing, speaking, support remote verification code! 2. Support batch import multiple group numbers, secure web login, there will be no problem of freezing trumpet! If you want to get a good ranking, you can only master the above two points (basic rules + auxiliary software) to ensure that others can give priority to search when others search.

Matters needing attention

Reasonable use of software can play a multiplier effect with half the effort, can not over-rely on software, otherwise detected cheating, harmony, block the phenomenon of their own responsibility.


Please use this method in the right way, do not engage in improper industries.