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qq group how to set up robots?

2018-05-07 14:24:23

qq has launched a new function is to set up robots in qq groups, robots can participate in the chat, and the knowledge in the robot is very much, including weather, tourism, population and so on. No one can talk to it. It's fun.


First open our qq, set the group robot can only be in the group of their own is the main yo, so we first open qq, entered the home page.


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There's a head symbol in the upper right corner, click on it, there's a lot of information about the group, the members of the group and so on, let's scroll down, go to the group, click on the group.

Method/Step 2

After entering the group management interface, there are many options to set various functions in the group, we need to find the set group robot column, click it.


You can set up a group of robots, which should have two robots to choose from, but recently in the service adjustment, so the robot can not be used normally, after a period of time.


Click to start after you can normally use qq robot, or very interesting yo.

Matters needing attention

I hope it helps.