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Qinggan grand Circle line travel guide

2018-03-13 06:24:31

Dunhuang Da Chai Dan Lingha Chaka lake. The Great Circle. It starts and ends. Distance of about 2700 kilometers, the Internet said that free travel is not convenient, must rent a car charter carpooling, accommodation less than four or five hundred, more than seven or eight hundred. In fact, many of these are tourism, tourism team made out of public opinion. However, after I went to Qinggan by myself this time, I not only found that it is feasible to travel by public transportation, but also I will have a deeper understanding of the local customs and practices. Of course, a road trip is the best choice. In addition, try to travel as many people as possible, preferably with four to eight people. General big loop are from, lake, Chaka, Delingha, Da Chai Dan, Dunhuang 、、、、 Menyuan rapeseed, clockwise direction. I went in reverse, counterclockwise: added,,, Dunhuang, Da Chai Dan, Delingha, Chaka, Lake,.


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1. From taking a night train to arrive in the hard bed, just the next morning, you can visit the provincial museum by the way, the mother of the Yellow River like, you can stay overnight, and go to the road night market to eat snacks at night (especially recommend the old horse milk and egg glutinous rice wine, need to queue for half an hour). If you do not visit the night market, you can take the train in the afternoon and stay overnight. I went straight after staying one night, but later realized it might be better to go first. Because you have to pass through. In addition, if you want to add a trip, you can go from the Red Army Long March meeting place.)


2. After arriving, a small stroll, accommodation near the railway station is good, you can live in a youth hostel, fifty-six beds, relatively cheap. (The two provinces tourist season is very short, some places peak season half a year, some only two months, so the two provinces of accommodation are on the high side, about 150 rooms have no bathroom, sometimes remote areas of the black horse River 180 can only sleep a tent) after night, the next day to visit the attractions: Dongguan Mosque, Tar Temple, Martyrs' Cemetery, Provincial Museum, Ma Bufang Residence (closed to visitors). Dongguan Mosque ~ free (female scantily clad in the lobby to receive long teaching clothes), out of the door on the right 20 meters, halal shock ya beef noodles, local reputation is very big, delicious street is not recommended Mo Jia street, Shuijing lane (opposite Wangfujing), because these two places generally do not go to the locals, mainly to kill tourists, to Mo Jia Street. I tried Mojia Street milk and egg glutinous wine taste far worse than Lao Ma's. After visiting the mosque, eat a bowl of Zhenya beef noodles, take the bus 909 to Tar Temple, about 90 minutes, there are 20 minutes to walk after getting off. Tar Temple is a famous Tibetan Buddhist temple, and the Gelug leader Tsongkhapa was born in this temple. The ticket is 80 yuan and the tour lasts 2 to 3 hours. If you're not a professional researcher, you don't have to go. On the 909 bus halfway you will hear a place called the Martyrs' Cemetery. On the way back, you can visit the cemetery of the West Road Army for free, the West Road Army and Ma Bufang fought, almost the whole army was destroyed, Marshal Xu Qianqian is also a tiger escape. The statue in front of the door has a handwritten inscription by Marshal Xu Xiangqian. Then take two hours to visit the provincial Museum, focusing on the one on the left of the second floor, to develop the history. The exhibition hall 123 on the first floor is all about the development policies of the Party Central Committee.


3. Almost in the afternoon, you can finish these places, and you must get up early to arrange more than one day, and the schedule is relatively tight. (If you want to go to Menyuan to see rapeseed flowers, you can take the bullet train to Menyuan, I did not go, because I passed Menyuan, the photos taken on the bullet train are very beautiful, I think it may be more beautiful in person.) Afternoon or evening then buy train tickets to go (there are two stops), stay overnight, visit the night market or (not been, just heard). The next day to Danxia scenic spots, mainly colorful Danxia in the color (74 yuan including tourism tickets 20 yuan), there is an ice ditch Danxia in the shape. Take the new No. 1 bus, walk a few minutes to the West Bus Station, take the bus to the colorful Danxia, 50 minutes by car. I only saw the colorful before I went. Live. There is also a place in the city and county of the Chinese Red Army West Road Army Memorial Hall Dong Zhentang martyr. If you want to take two Danxia (between two Danxia, there is a car, but ask yourself, I do not know, colorful Danxia traffic is more convenient) and memorial to see, at least the next day to go. (If you want to go, look it up for yourself)


4. After seeing only colorful Danxia, go back to the city by train and stay overnight. The next morning to visit attractions: Wei and Jin tombs and murals Museum (ticket 31 yuan, college entrance examination questions have taken this as material), the Great Wall, the first block of the Great Wall, the hanging wall (joint ticket 120 yuan, called cycling, do not ride). These attractions are a little far apart, and the bus is very troublesome, you can directly hire a taxi, the taxi driver will introduce you to the plan, he will wait for you all the way. We are 200 yuan for four scenic spots round trip and finally sent to the bus station to Dunhuang. A little more can be said in due course. These can be completed on the same day, if you want to walk slowly, then the next day to Dunhuang.


5. You can go to Dunhuang by train or by bus. Reserve at least two days and three nights in Dunhuang. Attractions: Dunhuang West Line One day: Dunhuang (can not go, 40 yuan) Yangguan 50 yuan, Yumenguan Han Great Wall site 40 yuan, Yadan landform 120 yuan. Dunhuang East line one day: the scene experience drama see Dunhuang 298 yuan (see the same director Wang Chaoge), singing sand Mountain Crescent Spring 120 yuan, Mogao Grottoes full ticket 200 yuan (need to buy tickets 1 month in advance, pay attention to the Mogao Grottoes visit reservation network, tickets are very nervous, and the visit time is specified. I only bought an emergency ticket of 100 yuan, but I only saw four caves, and the emergency ticket can only be visited in single number in July and in double number in August. Because you buy tickets in advance, you should plan your arrival time to Dunhuang, only arrive early and not late, otherwise the ticket will be useless.) The western route is very far away, and the trip can reach 500 kilometers back and forth, so you need to share a car, directly talk to the hotel boss, the boss will arrange a car for you. We live in the inn, the boss arranged the group is still better in my impression, the tour guide is really professional, half a day, a car more than 40 people, she can completely on the number where to get on, get off, there are a few people. Very capable. The four points of the western line generally need to return to the city from 8 a.m. to 24 p.m., bring dry food and water, water and simple dinner tour groups will be provided. Then the east line this day is very simple, you can take your own car, to the Mingsha Mountain Crescent Spring 3 road bus, to the Mogao Grottoes digital bus do not know, the rental is a meter, about 15 yuan. After arriving at the Mogao Grottoes, take the scenic car to visit the Mogao Grottoes. Finally, you can see Dunhuang is really shocking, telling about the Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes from discovery to protection, from Wang Yuanlu to Chang Shuhong. But a little expensive, the face value of 298 yuan, if you encounter 250, 260 taxi drivers recommend to you, but also package pick-up can buy. Note: Dunhuang tourism is very developed, large to tourism, small to hotel owners, taxi drivers, they have undertaken the sale of tourist attraction tickets business, straight people will give you concessions, 298 he 260 to me, but also package pick-up. People in Dunhuang are very enthusiastic. I think it has something to do with the recommendation business. They get commissions for selling tickets. But it's definitely face value if we buy it ourselves. It is not recommended to eat in the Dunhuang night market, which is opened by outsiders and does not count as Dunhuang characteristics, but you can snack.


6. After Dunhuang, I went directly to Delingha. Dunhuang -- Da Chai Dan -- Delingha. Dunhuang has a direct bus to Delingha 132 yuan, one every day. It leaves at 10:00 a.m. 4 PM to Tai Chai Dan, 6 PM to Delingha. The journey takes more than eight hours. (If you want to go to Da Chaidan then buy Dunhuang to Da Chaidan ticket, it seems to be class 3, there are two attractions in Da Chaidan: water Yadan and jade Lake is also known as Da Chaidan Lake. Emerald Lake is very close to Da Chaidan town, but there are more than 200 kilometers of water Yadan, so it is inconvenient, and you need to charter a car in the local carpool. Water Yadan should be more beautiful than Dunhuang Yadan, because the water below is not black Gobi. Then from Great Qaidam to Delingha. Just wait for the only bus from Dunhuang to Delingha at the roadside of Da Qaidan, and after Da Qaidan, the bus will wait for Delingha's passengers to board. There is no ticket for Daqaidam to Delingha on the Internet, you can ask the locals if there are other buses to Delingha. I didn't stop at Tai Chai Dan, I went straight to Delingha)


7. In Delingha, you can visit Delingha Mosque and Kluk Lake Toso Lake. The mosque is very close to the city, I just looked at the distance, did not go in, I do not know if I can visit. And then to chartered bus to the lake, I did not go, specific to ask the local people. I love Delingha. It's clean, cool and quiet.


8. I took a repeat road, I was from Delingha to, in the reported a group, lake, tea card two-day tour 680 yuan. It's totally unnecessary. You should take a bus directly from Delingha to Chaka, the earliest tickets are at 8 o 'clock. Tickets are available online for 47 yuan. Then go directly to the tea card, the ticket is 100 yuan, the best time to visit the lake at one or two in the afternoon, must go to the lake. Put on socks and slippers and go down into the lake, bare feet can be very painful, because it's full of salt. Ashore to wash salt, wash clean, and the feet may appear some small red spots, after a period of time. The whole scenic area takes 3 to 4 hours. There are a lot of people in chaka, up to 50,000 people a day. After tea card, you can stay in tea card town, of course, the traffic is certainly inconvenient, you need to take a black car, carpool chartered.


9. In the morning of tea card directly charter a car to the lake, I do not know the specific price. After the lake is finished, you can drive back at the gate of the scenic spot, the specific location of the car, how many classes are not clear, because the lake tea card I am with the group. There are two ways to enter the lake, one is to go through the channel opened by local residents, they are allowed by the policy, the state poverty alleviation, to give local residents a place, allowing them to collect money and get rich. The ticket price may be around 50, you can also visit rape flowers, of course, after the lake there is no yacht, motor boat play, can not go to the lake. In addition to the price to speak well, some ungenerous may enter the door 30 yuan, go out and collect 30 yuan. The scenic spot opened by the state is called Erlang Sword, also called 151 base, because it is 151 kilometers from the urban area, the ticket is 100 yuan, and there are small trains, carriages, yachts, etc., which are additional charges. Actually, just walk. Go to the lake and play. The whole scenic area takes 3 to 4 hours. Then come out of the Erlang sword scenic area by car back, ask the service personnel specifically.


Compare self-driving tour, free travel (public transport), carpooling charter, with the group four ways. With the group directly ignore, no fun, no time, rush schedule. Carpool charter costs more, do not worry about route planning. As the name suggests, after the arrival, with your driver will drive the whole way, take photos, where you think the scenery can stop to take photos, the big circle line for seven days down only the fare between 1000 and 1500 per person, accommodation and dinner tickets to buy their own booking. Carpooling usually has 6 days, 7 days, 10 days, etc., so there will be a certain time limit, which is definitely more free and better than the group. Because there is no car, but understand, so can not make a conclusion, just guess, summed up is to spend more money less time. Free travel is public transportation, disadvantage one: can only park in the designated place, can not stop freely to take photos. Disadvantage 2: It takes a lot of time to make a plan, check the starting and ending points of the line, transportation, booking the starting and ending points of the ticket and accommodation. It boils down to spending more time and saving money. A road trip is similar to a free trip, only you can decide where to park to see the scenery and take photos. The temperature difference between day and night is relatively large, and it is cooler than Dunhuang. In the two provinces, the body good shorts can carry, generally have to bring a thin coat, pants are good, sunscreen clothing is necessary, ultraviolet light, two days on the neck, hands will appear very obvious dividing line. In, be sure to eat watermelon, melon, apricot peel tea, because of the long time, the fruit is very sweet, moisture is very sufficient, but also very cheap. Specialty does not recommend buying beef jerky, too many fakes, I bought yogurt and milk. Essential software: 12306, Ctrip (buy bus tickets and book accommodation), Maps. I use these several, of course, their useful habits of the same function software can also be. Most of the tourists in the Northwest Circle Line are with the group and carpool, so the train tickets are not very tight, and you can generally buy tickets for tomorrow today. 3,000 to 4,000 yuan per person. I used a little over three thousand. Finally, it needs to be explained that there is no clear indication of what is the first day of the trip, what is the second day of the trip, as the saying goes that the plan can not catch up with changes, can not be too specific, the above paragraph of text is a place, you should be flexible planning. I will not pass on the photos, summed up the most affordable is the colorful Danxia, Dunhuang, lake and tea card. Written by hand, based on my own experience.