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Pull rod box brand ranking introduction

2018-01-06 22:24:00

With the progress and development of society, the pace of life continues to accelerate, people will often appear in different places, whether it is going out on business or leisure travel, a suitable trolley box can be described as a good companion for the journey, but choose what kind of trolley box will make people feel troubled, below we take stock of the outside top ten trolley box brands, Take a look at what kind of characteristics and features each trolley box brand has, so that everyone can easily make a choice.


MONSCA Mosca for more than ten years, MONSCA started with a pull bar box, and expanded its business to four major areas such as professional pull bar box, Pilar bar box, pc pull bar box and custom box, so far, MONSCA has appeared in countless journeys, MONSCA's success, in fact, is not accidental, With advanced labor technology and raw materials, MONSCA is committed to research and development of new products and new interpretations of the durability, versatility, ergonomic design and comfort of luggage.


EYUSHIJIA Crocodile Family EYUSHIJIA will be innovative thinking as the driving force, with "thinking about your journey" as the business principle, with ease, freedom and fashion as the purpose, let you enjoy the fun brought by travel. EYUSHIJIA takes the trolley box as the design, production and management platform, forging ahead, persisting and forging ahead forever. "Based on China, looking to the future", make unremitting efforts to create a world-class trolley box brand. EYUSHIJIA seeks not only to meet the needs of consumers in terms of material and shape, but also to go ahead of The Times and strive for refinement and excellence, so that consumers are not affected by travel, relaxed and free to enjoy the fun of travel.


Louis Vuitton LV's various suitcases will launch a new style in about a month, and most of the leather materials used in the durable leather goods with waterproof and anti-wear properties, coupled with extremely tough and firm molding, so that each LV suitcase is very durable. Each authentic LV leather item has a unique number, stamped in an inconspicuous place, which is also one of the ways to identify the authenticity of LV. Over the years, LV's image is professional and low-key, but not yet noble, its basic colors such as black, white, gray, coffee, natural color, all the time set off the unique temperament of the wearer.


Founded in 1971 in Taiwan, Diplomat brand is specialized in the production of ABS, EVA and other materials, including rod cases, travel cases, cosmetic cases and other types of advanced travel supplies. Marketing throughout the world, including more than 30 countries and regions, is one of the world's three major brands. More than 30 years has been with its outstanding quality, trendy design, continuous research and development, in line with the needs of different consumer groups of products. In order to meet the needs of diversified markets, diplomats carry out diversified product development, based on popular trends, equipped with scientific and technological equipment and technology, and hire professionals to design practical and elegant products.


LANCEL (LANCz), has a hundred years of history of luggage brand, it maintains the traditional family business unique to create classical advantages, highlighting the elegant fashion style at the same time constantly changing, not only ostrich, crocodile and other patterns as the main line, but also add streamlined buckle and bright colors. With the aristocratic design concept, we continuously create new bags for those who highlight their status and bright identity. With it, there is no need to express your difference.


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Seven, VOYLUX business latent hair-setting enthusiasm, adopt the ultra-fast sports style, to the concept of sports car into the design, smooth lines cut with metal PC, special high-grade materials, exquisite leather and fashionable hardware accessories, fully show the unique charm. The same series of suitcases with the world's original patented pushcart design, with three mobile functions: Flat push, pull back, and push forward, more than the market travel box forward function, so derived from the "push rod box" known as the term, high-precision pull rod can be tilted 45 degrees at a press, ergonomic, super labor-saving safer, so that business travelers enjoy professional and fashion with the ultimate experience.


The President "Lingxiu" brand started in Indonesia in the 1960s, with a small scale production of a single variety - (ABS) hard box, Developed so far for the hard box (ABS, PC) and soft box (EVA) luggage, briefcase, trolley box, cosmetic box, leather goods and other varieties of luggage production base, has become one of the largest luggage manufacturers and distributors in Southeast Asia. With independent research and development, manufacturing and sales system, in Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States has branches, sales throughout the world, has become the world's trusted products.


FEGLAR fashion luggage leather goods design, creative and research and development agency. Since the beginning of the business, we have paid great attention to product innovation and the establishment of packaging culture. Each product, from the design to the selection of materials, from the material to the production, all into the modern culture, fashion, art of life elements, the goods are exquisite novel unique, full of art, where often set off a bidding boom. After years of development and through strong marketing strategy, channel reform, perfect after-sales service, the first to launch the bag decoration and bag decoration theme with the monopoly model.


WSTPOLP "WTS.POLO" originated from the American art term. The gallop of the horse on the flying Yan represents a trendy popular culture, which fully reflects individuality, pursues free existentialism, and advocates creative and distinguished fashion ways. The shape of the horse in the graphic trademark of "West Paul ""W.S. POLO"" is the copper galloping horse in the Eastern Han Dynasty of China, which is the most famous copper galloping horse in the Eastern Han Dynasty. The horse is 34.5 cm high and 45 cm long, and its shape cleverly uses the mechanical fulcrum to cast the image of a swift and powerful horse. The horse is galloping, the head is high, the tail is raised, the mouth is open for breathing, and the three feet are in the air. The person on the horse's back grasps the horse's mane tightly with one hand and raises the whip to urge, showing the spirit of fast horse and whip. Such a romantic, ingenious, fascinating artistic conception, set off, contrast the speed of the horse, people go forward.