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Principles and precautions of calcium supplementation for menopausal women

2018-05-11 19:12:40

Recently, many friends have consulted menopausal women about calcium supplements. Menopausal women calcium supplements, there are indeed a lot of matters that need attention, today, to introduce to you about menopausal women calcium principles.


Introduce menopausal women to supplement calcium, first to understand menopause. Menopause refers to the transition period in which women gradually enter the old age from the fertile sexual maturity period, generally starting from about 45 years old and lasting 10-15 years. During this period, women's body organs, endocrine glands, psychological and physiological changes, women's ovarian function gradually decline until the loss of function, reproductive organs began to atrophy. This is when the menopause syndrome often begins to appear. Women at menopause begin to lose estrogen, causing more bone destruction than formation, and women at this time tend to be more prone to osteoporosis and fractures than men of the same age. Therefore, calcium supplementation for menopausal women is particularly important.


What is the principle of calcium supplement for menopausal women, and what are the precautions for calcium supplement for menopausal women? In fact, as long as the following principles of menopausal women's calcium supplements have been achieved, menopausal women's calcium supplements have been noted.



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Menopausal women calcium principle two pay attention to diet calcium supplement



We need to eat every day, pay attention to the choice of food types, try to choose foods with high calcium content, and consciously get calcium supplements from food. Long-term adherence will also get a good calcium supplement effect.


Menopausal women calcium principle three drugs calcium supplement



Menopause calcium supplement is a very important thing, and it is also necessary to use calcium tablets selectively. For example, Di Qiao brand show source female tablets, high calcium content, calcium supplement can also supplement soy isoflavone estrogen, not only make your bones get calcium supplement, but also beauty, make you look more young and beautiful. It's really a good choice.

Matters needing attention

In summary, the precautions for menopausal women's calcium supplements believe that you should understand it. As long as you do the above points, I believe that you can safely survive the risk of osteoporosis brought by menopause.